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  1. On one hand, this would be amazing. On another hand, I don't have another 1,000 hours to get lost in. 🙄
  2. I'm not sure on this one yet, but I do believe it'll be last on the list as there's physical product being made (i.e., not a supply issue) and many have already been "made" many of the prices should stay the same. New games and subrscriptions I can see going up as publishers/dev teams may need to increase wages to keep people employeed as everything is going up. Who knows TBH...
  3. Likes racing & niche, trying out new things and having fun!
  4. Comment of the year so far, well done. 😂
  5. Uh yeah, hard to argue for that. Been married for 22 years and would be lost with her. Besides her, I'd say coffee.
  6. I think this plays a major part. The PS4 has some of my favorite games of all time, but I feel the PS3 had a larger quanity of solid games, guilty pleasures and games that gave you value for money, this in turn leads to more enjoyable trophy collecting in my experience. There used to be a pelethora of AA games, movie tie-in games, super hero games that fell between the AAA games and indie it's just feast or famine with these games.
  7. Unfortunately, this highly unlikely. Remastering the entire series isn't economically efficient for other words, the juice isn't worth the squeeze. They'll stick to their easy-to-port collections and Pro Evolution Soccer games to keep afloat. Even if they did pull this off, I doubt it will be that high in quality. They are better off selling the rights to the franchise.
  8. I just completed another run recently and this can be done with a Snecko Eye, Ice Cream Cone relic, a few Charge Batteries and a Metoer Strike. After a few turns you should have almost unlimited energy to pull off multiple Metoer Strikes if you have the card draw or something similar like Seek +. It amazes me how to deep this game is. After platinum, I still do daily runs and discover something new. I just completed an Unceasing Top run with The Defect: Claws, Go for the Eyes, FTL, etc. I'm around 530 hours in the game and I can see myself reaching a 1,000.
  9. I guess one man's trash is another man's treasure, or maybe it's vice versa here. I found this game to be underwhelming, cumbersome and did not like the all. So, I had no trouble skimming through it for the plat. If I wanted to play a Soduku puzzle, I would have bought a book of them at the grocery store. If that's your only example on "no honor among trophy hunters", you are going to find yourself quite disappointed in these forums.
  10. I just used Darkmoon Blade and Power Within buffs - pretty much melted all bosses.
  11. I'm with you. I used to be pro-physical copy but I almost exclusively buy digital. It's faster, cleaner, cheaper (e.g., flash sales) and more convenient. I have a pretty healthy PS2 and PS3 collection and small PS4 collection - and now it just sits there. I don't play them, the majority of them are practically worthless compared to what I paid for them. I'm aware of the trade-offs of not buying physical, but I don't really care at this point.
  12. Nah. I've lost interest in the "race for a treasure before the evil guy with a personal militia gets to it" vibe. Personally, I think it should ended with UC3 but I understand the PS4 needed a staple title to sell the system.
  13. Probably Slay the Spire, as I love that game. Despite platinum...still play it with close 500 hours.
  14. Korean as my wife is Korean and would like to be able to communicate with her in both languages and her family.
  15. I think it would be good entry. There will be steeper learning curve for you not understand how the combat works and tropes of From Soft's game design, but learning is fun. Also some pros: you won't be bringing in bad habits or expectations from the other games with you.