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  1. I agree with the 10/10 difficulty as well. After about 500 hours, I just gave up on the platinum on the game as there was too much luck involved and it was becoming less fun due to the changes Blizzard kept making to please the e-sport crowd. If this trophies were made in cumulative milestone fashion (kill x amount of enemies with x characters), that would have been ideal.
  2. How long is one playthrough on average?
  3. Thank God for the beta reviews for this game, as I was ready to pre-order. Wildlands was not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but it had it's redeeming parts. From what I have seen, this looks awful. The fact that you have to drink water to replenish stamina was a I all needed to know about this game.
  4. I'd be interested in both of these as I have never played them and heard they were good. Actually, I have been thinking about giving a Mafia 3 a second chance; heard it has gone through some major changes/improvements.
  5. If you're not going for platinum, it's worth playing and even worth investing some money in it. If you are going for platinum, be prepared for some agony. Not only is end game mapping pretty challenging (chance to get one-shotted), but a crash or lag-out can cause you to loose your current map you are working on and even XP when you die. I'm at level 77 and feel like I hit a wall and playing the same maps over and over again is pretty dull. Not ready to completely give up yet, but the platinum to me seems daunting.
  6. Yeah, I would hate to judge a book by its cover, but... 🙄
  7. Probably DMC 5 as I don't have the skills to SSS everything; also, since I'm older HnS games tend to wear on fingers/hands. XCOM 2 is a close second, as the load times are abysmal and I can't be bothered with it.
  8. I think Ni No Kuni is a must play for any RPG fan as the story is excellent. There is a bit of a grind, but I think it is not too bad compared to the median JRPG post-game grind. I think the only one I would scratch off your list is Type-0; that game is crap. Why no Persona 5 though? 😔
  9. If your goal is to attempt 100% profile, then I would only really play games that you enjoy or think that you would enjoy. Avoiding games because they are considered difficult or playing games because they are considered easy will sap your motivation. Nothing is worse than drudging for 100% on a game that you loathe. Also, try to avoid new games as much as possible as your never know what BS DLC is added (e.g., Battlefield Hardline)...but even then you are sacrificing the fun of playing a new game, playing MP that has populated servers or even taking advantage of exploits that may be patched early. If your goal is 100% or bust, then don't. The trophy hunting gods can be cruel and you'll never know what wrench will be thrown into your plan to screw things up. To me, just not worth the hassle.
  10. I admit it does look good, but this is Activision were talking about here. They will find some way to monetize this game beyond it's original price...I mean this is the same publisher that added microtransactions to Crash Team Racing after it was released.
  11. I used to love his videos called "The Point" (on Gamespot I believe) and he has does excellent work privately as well. It's amazing to see how well IOI does with such a small team and makes me want to support them even further.
  12. Recently, probably Sen. Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising, albeit more so trying for no damage in harder difficulties. All time for me is Guildenstern from Vagrant Story (PS1)...because I never beat him.
  13. As another mentioned, you could try both Ride of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Although both have platinums, with DLC they both add up to over 200 trophies and appear to be fairly easy. Once your get your milestone, just got back and earn the platinums. Also see you haven't started Hitman 2 unless I missed something. You could also go back and clean up any DLC you own, those are trophies that don't effect your platinum goal.
  14. This is a bummer. Was watching an LP on YouTube a looks fun and & challenging; hopefully this does get fixed.
  15. In any FPS game, mouse and keyboard will always have the advantage as you can aim faster and land more accurate shots; that's why there's auto-aim/soft-lock for console games. For Rainbow 6, it's even worse because headhsots are 1-hit kills regardless of which gun you are using. It became a problem in Overwatch, but fortunately there are characters that can be used to alleviate that.