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  1. I'm pretty much done with platinum hunting for the time being, but you can review my profile if you want.
  2. Vagrant Story. It will never happen, but wishful thinking.
  3. Deadpool comes to mind for me. I remember when it first came out, I think people giving it a 4 or 5. Ultra-violent difficulty was so cheap, I nearly broke my controller on the final waves...although, me not liking the didn't help.
  4. My rarest is the Max Payne 3 platinum, but my proudest is the GTA V platinum...damn, that was a trek.
  5. Can anyone else confirm that you need to do this? Edit: The delete game and download backup save worked...platinum! Great game BTW.
  6. Not quite. I guess for starters I should ask, what does "sell well" mean to you? Or, even to Sony for that matter. For me, if it's under 10 million copies (God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn territory). Even then, the cost it took to make the game coupled with the marketing has already start to bleed Sony a little bit as they showed their hand by delaying the game in the first place as they wanted to capitalize on the physical copies and bundles. All I know is, I don't see sales of the game increasing at all due to this, which is going to affect the sales expectations and Naughty Dog investors.
  7. Cool game, but platinum was a pain. 😁 Nice to see a PS4 port though.
  8. I feel this happens a lot when a franchise/type of hobby (Star Wars, comics, etc.) reaches critical mass. When something niche suddenly becomes overly popular, it then becomes easy to market and put on a path to maximize it profits; this comes at a cost unfortunately as sometimes decision makers cater to the lowest common denominator vs. the original fans, who supported the product in the first place. There's some initial spin by the page view news and the IGNs, but in the end nothing is left but piles of ash. Where is Star Wars now? How many comic book stores are closing these days? What is the current state of Battlefied? All good things come an end and enjoying ND's games were fun while they lasted...but the red flags started to appear when Druckmann decided to remove Doughnut Drake from UC4 to not offend overweight people. Thank God for indie game developers.
  9. I have a soft spot for Revelations and I was an AC online junkie, but this is about right.
  10. Not including arcade cabinets? 🤓 Hard to say really, but I had an IBM computer, before my NES, with games like Lode Runner, King's Quest, etc.
  11. RE4 probably needs the least of improvements for a true remake, but there are several things that can be improved on. For starters, it was on the border of horror and action, prompting Capcom to overdue it with the action in later if they decided to tone it down with the umpteen weapons and roundhouse kicks, that would be nice a change. Also, the QTEs and Ashley could take a hike.
  12. I don't mind online trophies, in fact I love most of them and embrace the challenge (e.g. Battlefield series assignments),but the ones you point out I would agree. Any online trophy that requires a specific time requirement like "do X before or on this date" is awful. Also, anything that involves community involvement; there was a couple on Helldivers that drove me mad.
  13. Was it really necessary for them to put the word "campaign" in the title? 🤔 Anyways, might pick this up if it's decently priced.
  14. You could give Warframe a try. I downloaded it again as a few of my buddies locked down in London wanted to play a co-op game. Not only is the game really fun with others, it's deep and complex that should keep you busy playing and learning. It's free, so nothing to lose by time.
  15. Agreed! Really digging the neon green over black tiles like Monster Energy. 👽