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  1. Probably the OST for Chapter 13 in Max Payne 3 (think it's called U.F.E). I died SO many times on this chapter in NYMHC, as soon as this chapter would start my hands would sweat.
  2. Let me start off by saying "bravo" for the staff for putting something like this together and recognizing all the author's hard work. I recommended something like this at another site a few years ago and my idea got 💩 on. Guide of the Year: Dead Cells. Competition was fierce, but choose this guide due to it's conciseness, excellent formatting, direction, bells & whistles, tips & tricks (e.g. "suggested routes" and times.) The World Map is 🔥. Gameplay Guide: Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Guide. Is there even a more complicated and stressed MP than this game, especially with a looming server shutdown? This guide expertly makes the best of a horrible online experience for novice just jumping in to get the trophies in the most efficient way possible. Walkthrough Guide: God of War 100% Guide. A virtual tome of how to platinum an already fairly easy game in a more expedient manner. A borderline Wiki page on the game, this guide is very well detailed from texts to pictures and recommendations that set the bar in walkthroughs. Everything a player needs to know is right here! DLC Guide: Darkest Dungeon Color of Madness. Albeit a short guide due to the nature of the DLC, it's well written with a lot of detail and gameplay suggestions. Author went above and beyond with what is available with this DLC. Games with Great Formatting: Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition. A lot of hard work went into this guide and is so in-depth I went ahead and bought the game I was so blown away. The guide has an excellent lay out evenly spreading out the trophy information and game information needed to complete this game - a passion project for sure!
  3. Probably Divinity: Original SIn 2. Was already one of my favorite games and didn't even think I could beat Honour Mode. After an additional 150 hours later, got the platinum and ended up even loving the game more due to the challenge. 😉
  4. Was thinking of picking this up for the Black Friday sale for $15 and I heard there was ton of additions/improvements. Are the severs still fairly active? Still buggy? Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance! 😎
  5. I don't think there's a true remedy for burnout, as everyone probably gets some form of burnout. However, I do think that you shouldn't fight it. In other words, don't play something if you're not in the mood for that type of game or game in general. When I get burnt out, I just try to take advantage of it and watch movies, documentaries and read books.
  6. Same here. I know it's supposed to be this epic game, but I started twice and ending it after 10 minute because I wasn't feeling the combat. Also, knowing the long, tedious tasks needed to platinum game sit in the back of my mind. Persona 5 is the other one. After a long day of work and having limited time to play, reading text for 2 hours burns me out pretty quickly. Ironically, I recommend Persona 5 to everyone.
  7. Touching testimony and congrats on your recent successes. You should read the book The Boy Crisis by Dr. Warren Farrell and Dr. John Gray; gives some explanation why your background is more common than one would think and some tools to prevent these behaviors with our sons.
  8. Not counting any of these 1-hour platinums I did for events, it is a toss up between Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Murdered: Soul Suspect. 💩
  9. Nothing looks too hard from the gameplay I have seen. If the price is right, I might pick this up. Since the dev team went through hell to get this game off the ground, might just get it to support them.
  10. 1. RPG: Divinity: Original Sin 2 2. TPS: Max Payne 3 3. FPS: BF Bad Company 2 4. Action Adventure: God of War 2 5. RTS: Command & Conquer Generals (haven't played too many though) 6. Fighting: Marvel vs Capcom 2 7. Racing: Need for Speed Underground 2 8. Sports: MVP Baseball 2005 9. Stealth: Hitman Blood Money Translation: This generation sucks. 😋
  11. Looking at the list of possible EA remasters coming out, is a sad reminder on how badass EA used to be. 🙄 Ironically, I remember a few years ago EA was dead set against citing "concentrating on the future" or something like that taking a jab at other publishers.
  12. I think to this day, Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero.
  13. Had really no interest in this game based on previous trailers, but after Skill Ups's and YongYea's reviews, this looks like something I should experience. It's amazing what Kojima can do, especially when not handcuffed by Konami.
  14. Did the trophy tile designer fall asleep on their keyboard? 🙄