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  1. Damn, I can’t believe I get to say this, but I’ve completed Mission 4 with just under an hour left! This week has been the absolute worst to play for this mission because of problems at home taking most of my time, and my choices for the 28 trophies were not particularly enjoyable, either. The grind of Tomb Raider’s multiplayer was annoying, but at least it was repetitive enough for me to do something else while doing it. However, I only reached 50% completion in Watch Dogs’ DLC. The grind there is much more annoying, a never ending series of missions that only served to pad up the game time. So, after playing all nights this weekend and not getting close to finish it in time for the remaining trophies, I decided to do something that could be done in a couple hours today. I ended up choosing We Were Here and got most of the trophies from it, totaling 27. I couldn’t find a decent partner to play as the Librarian in matchmaking, so I went back to Watch Dogs to get the 28th trophy (the only one that could be done in a reasonable time for the mission). This has been the most stressful mission for me 🙁 but I’m so relieved that I’ve made it! So, here is the trophy count: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition: 4 trophies (including platinum) Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC: 6 trophies We Were Here: 18 trophies Huge thanks to @Stedde for coming up with this contest (the first one that I joined btw!), which gave me a chance to clear my backlog in a (mostly fun) and engaging way. For the next contest, I believe I’ll play significantly less, though, and play the games I want at my own pace. Although I have two unfinished trophy lists now... working on them is still my priority! See you in next month’s contest!
  2. I'm not a huge fan of strictly ranking contests, and I'm thinking of playing new games at my own pace instead of tackling the half-finished games in my backlog, but this will be a good way to track progress this month. Count me in I'm still rushing to complete this month's final mission, starting to think I won't make it... I'll do my best, though.
  3. One game down - finished Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition last night. What an unbelievably boring grind that was... Next up is Watch Dogs DLC - working on it already. I think I can complete it by tomorrow.
  4. So, I haven't gone very far into Primal yet, so no trophies were earned. I gave this mission a little more planning earlier today and went back to my backlog to see if there were some games I could finish if I dedicated a little more effort into them. In the end, instead of adding yet another game to my backlog, I decided to go after the trophies in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood, the DLC pack from the first Watch Dogs, and grind the multiplayer trophies from Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. There will be 14 trophies left to grab, so I'm going to keep playing Primal, which has 15. I was considering doing the Bloodborne DLC instead of TR, but I'll do it in my own pace next month, because rushing it would be a waste. It's a lot of stuff to cover, but I hope I find some free time this week to do it.
  5. Time and date actually, but # of trophies left is nice too!
  6. Can you make a countdown for the end of the mission, @Stedde?
  7. Mission 3 is done! I ended up going for the God of War: Ascension platinum - I managed to grab the multiplayer trophy through the PS Now trial. It was the easiest choice since I played it around the time it came out and wasn't going to buy an online pass for one bronze. Since there are 7 days left (both until the end of the trial and the end of the contest), I thought I'd complete some quick and light games in the PS Now catalog for the last mission. I'm happy with the backlog I managed to complete this month, so I won't push myself too far with the time-consuming games that are there. So I'll start playing a game I never got around to play in my PS2 days, Primal. I'm also thinking of starting Lone Survivor after that. Have fun in the final week, everyone!
  8. Cool idea, @Stedde. I've been using @Han_the_Dragon's spreadsheet so far, it's simple enough to do some quick planning. We can test your page and send you feedback in the upcoming contests, although I'm not sure I'll be making the same progress as this one. Speaking of progress, I finally platinumed Bloodborne a couple days ago, after a six-year gap! I'm surprised that it only took a few hours to finish the game, and the final bosses were down in the first try as well (except for the annoying Micolash and his projectiles). I'm working towards my next platinum, but I plan on returning to Bloodborne to complete the DLC afterwards. Who knows what the next mission will bring? 😏
  9. I ended up loading this game on my main account a while back to play with my family, so I guess I'm stuck with this unobtainable platinum, huh? If there's ever another invasion coming, is it possible to get every invasion-related trophy in a day? What about the other online trophies?
  10. This should be fun! I said I wasn't going to do the math for this but I ended up doing it 😆 Anyway, Mission 2 accomplished, if my math is right! Since my last update, I completed Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, which wasn't too hard. Then I went on to platinum Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (which is beyond amazing, by the way), and hit the 3k mark. Onto the next mission! Since I started this account in 2014, there's not many old trophies waiting for me. Most of them are difficult and too long to be enjoyable over the course of (less than) a week, but fortunately I've been slowly playing through two games in my backlog last year, so I won't be starting from scratch. I feel like it's time to go for them. @Stedde just out of curiosity, how are DLC treated in this step? Are there no bonus points if you 100% complete one? EDIT: I see only the points for the platinum will be counted, so ignore the last question. I believe this changes a few things, since I was considering the points of the other trophies needed for the Platinum in the games I chose. I think I'll hold off on one game for now, and replace it with another. Good luck everyone, and until the next update!
  11. Short answer is definitely. Although almost every game can be played on more recent platforms in the form of a remaster or a PC title, they are generally more expensive than in PS3, and you need a decent PC to run them (which I don't; plus, you'd be missing out on them trophies, hehe). And some of the games that can only be played on a PS3 are well worth the investment. As for PS Now, it seems to be unreliable and more expensive in the long run. I bought a used PS3 in August last yeat suffering from YLOD, but thankfully it only needed a NEC/TOKIN replacement. After I got it repaired I started digging through my incomplete backlog from my deceased PS3, and there's some games I always wanted to play but never got the chance to, so now I will make the most out of it. I'm having a blast with the console and am rarely playing in the PS4 lately.
  12. Some updates for Mission 2: I finished Final Fantasy XIII's main game yesterday, after 50 hours of (registered) game time... and 40% of the trophies. I'm not sure I'll do the grinding yet, at least for this mission, because I believe that'll be another 20-30 hours at least. Also I wasn't keeping track of the items for Treasure Hunter, so I'm not sure if it's even achievable. I decided to focus on clearing some quick games for this mission, so I completed the Hoth DLC from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and I'm now working on a very old game from PSN called Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic. I had this game completed in my first account many years ago, so I thought I'd try to complete it again. It takes a few tries, but it's not that hard overall. All in all, I got ~530 points so far. Not a lot, but I'll dedicate my free time in the weekend towards getting the remaining points.
  13. Damn, I have a chance of buying this used and I really want to go for it, but if it's that unplayable, I might not get it. Back when I played vanilla FO3 on my old account, I had similar issues with crashes and low framerates, but I managed to finish the game. I recently picked up a copy of the GOTY edition, but I haven't tested it yet. I think I'll bite the bullet and do a "humble traveler" run and just keep essential items, I guess lol
  14. I feel like that's a lot of points for someone who doesn't play very often, and that doesn't want to play cheap shovelware... but I'm not doing all the math, so I might be wrong heheh. I'll try finishing the one I'm currently on (FFXIII minus the grinding) before starting anything else. I actually managed to get two trophies yesterday, shortly before Mission 2 was announced - do these count for the mission?