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  1. Yes. Owly?
  2. *leaves some squirrels, voles and mice on the side for Andy before going to work* Please do eat up Owly. Harley?
  3. You would be correct Perhaps Melty for the return?
  4. “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” ― John Lydgate Gaming is subjective, play what you want and try not to listen to the people telling you why you're wrong.
  5. No, just another random moment in time The wonderful HQ again maybe?
  6. *places the cake carefully into your beak* That felt weird to type out Anyone not avian in nature?
  7. You mean this cake is yours too? *holds out a slice of double chocolate fudge cake* Is it Owly?
  8. I don't think I want to get involved in this But Kale, your obsession with this Ruliya chick is downright disturbing, and for the last time I'm not her. So kindly leave me be. Mister Owly?
  9. Not today, I'm afraid. The fancy Owl in the hat?
  10. Nope. The best Harley Quinn?
  11. Not this time, it is I, just a singular moment in time. A good one, I hope. Perhaps HQ is next?
  12. Yes! Cheesecake sounds yummy! Also seems like I accidentally replied to a pages old post whoops. And I see Andy is back! Looks like the gangs all here Andy?
  13. I do indeed like cake! Someone who likes Puddin' ?
  14. It would appear that it is. Can we get a streak going HQ007?
  15. No, just someone looking for an old friend. Remi-Chan?