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  1. I already have the SP, but this is a great thing you're doing! You're awesome!
  2. This is awesome *throws my name in the hat*
  3. Emotion
  4. Welcome love the name
  5. Really cool vid, she did a great job and congrats on so many plats!
  6. Is she the other one?
  7. Not atm That's a shame, did they not want to come over to your BDSM dimension? Is it hard to get to? I'm guessing Iris again?
  8. Hereditary
  9. No, but I did play the first one! Never finished it sadly.
  10. I'm guessing they're already there and you're having a great time Iris?
  11. Liaison
  12. Who could forget that?
  13. Folklore
  14. I'm really hating my job right now :/ need a better one!
  15. Nope. Stupe, maybe?
  16. Brash
  17. Not at the moment. Um, Poly? (love your sig )
  18. Where would we go from there?
  19. No, sorry. My day wasn't too bad thanks How was your day Stupid91? I hope work wasn't too bad? Stupid91?
  20. Dante's Inferno
  21. Catharsis
  22. Do you not know the answer?
  23. Nope. Stupid91?