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  1. Origami
  2. I'm good for the most part Stupid, thank you And how are you Stupid?
  3. When will it end?
  4. Yes. Sorry, I'm not wanting to cause trouble. Stupid91?
  5. No. @Iris, I'm not sure who you think I am, but if it's been over a year since you saw them, maybe you should let things go? Stupid91?
  6. How can it be?
  7. What happened to him?
  8. The sky is falling... watch your head
  9. Um, Stupid91?
  10. I can't believe he's still doing this crap. This sounds just like the complaints of a friend of mine. Going back about 18 months now maybe? And he still harasses her, stalks her. He'll message her begging for her to talk to him, and then cry and insult her when she doesn't. He's made a few new accounts in the past several months maybe? And he messages her even after she's told him she doesn't want to, and blocked all his new accounts. It's disgusting. And when it comes to the website, when he thinks everyone hates him (rightly so tbf) he'll have his account banned... then pop up again shortly after on a new account, and he starts the whole process again. I'm sorry you've also had to deal with this guy. I wonder how many girls he's done it to now... I dread to think.
  11. Those all look so amazing! You're truly talented Keep it up ^^
  12. Front Mission
  13. Aromatic
  14. This guy is so good! And I love the old sonic songs
  15. I blame you because I forgot that song was in there... yeah. I love Clint Eastwood the song! additional blame for making me go listen to it again 😄
  16. I blame you for limiting Troll potential. We need more like
  17. There is too much work, and not enough gaming going on in my life right now 😔
  18. Underneath
  19. I blame you for not teaching us more about Finntroll
  20. Cryogenics
  21. Seems to be a fan of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games
  22. You have a cool looking avatar
  23. Sorry, I'd much rather marry Noodle 😊
  24. Thanks for the welcome You guys are so awesome
  25. Hi ^^ I'm Sophie, and I'm new here. This place looks warm and inviting How is everyone?