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  1. Playing Persona 4 arena and getting beat up in most of the online matches, this platinum is going to be painfull

  2. Platinum #8: N7 Elite the same title? are you kidding me?, whatever, great game.
  3. Best: - Max Payne 3: great closure for a excellent series. Worst: - Alone in the dark (2008): you become the god of evil or walk away like nothing's happend, so either way, you gettin' screw. but i have to say, the "I'M THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!" line was pretty damn hilarious
  4. The most horrifying and emotional moment is easily Spec ops the line, specially those last just....damn a special mention comes for The Walking Dead: Long road ahead, the moments on the RV and after that is just too depressing
  5. 1. Grand theft auto: San Andreas (i love the GTA series but san andreas just fall flat for me, yes i know, it have the best options for faffing about and even a bloody jetpack but everything else is "meh") 2. Demon's/Dark souls (seriously, what's the goddamn deal with this series? hard doesn't mean better, is just a generic RPG) 3. Saints row: The third (this is so damn boring, without counting that drag queen nerd and his parody of tron the gangs and story are boring, you literally become god without codes, making the challenge go out the window, the side mission become part of the story just to stretch out the time) and that's it, now time to wait for someone disagree with me
  6. Bokurano: Ours
  7. a fancy shooter with the sequel so close, now is good time to start
  8. the only problem i see is there's no max payne 3, but whatever, the list is pretty good
  9. i'm the 7th fastest achiever for getting the 100% on duke nukem forever, i would get it more faster, but i need to sleep
  10. Platinum #7: Duke Nukem Forever - Savior of the Universe
  11. like most of the people, my list always changes, so here is the list of the week 1. Reservoir dogs 2. Day of the dead (the original) 3. Braindead/Dead alive 4. From dusk till dawn 5. Shaun of the Dead
  12. Platinum #6: Mass effect 2 - N7 elite
  13. Platinum #5: Spec Ops: The Line - Legion of Merit
  14. pretty good game by my first impressions and of course no multiplayer trophies, YAY!
  15. what i have to say was already say by millons of people before, the best movie of this summer by far