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  1. i always wanted a quizz game but it always has multiple friends trophy that i can't do powgi should do that for exemple if you know an other game like that (with a plat) please tell me ^^ geographic and sport ? great ^^ hope it's just not too usa centered hope that trophies don't ask to answer thousands of random questions, imagine you miss just one who never come 30 days is a lot but ok if it is fast
  2. 0/100 everywhere !! is that the max allowed for that feature ?
  3. and is that non vr version with the free edition of this month ps plus ?
  4. what could it be ? i dont think there will be a new mode but new trophies in couple of months maybe yes win a tournament ? plays 50 tournament matchs ? play 10 gold tournament matchs ??
  5. best of 3 for the first matchs, if you lose you go into a loser bracket, so if you only lost you do 4 matchs semi and finales are best of 5 @Vergil i saw you too lol funny if it was a tournament between hunters
  6. hello we fought twice ahah good thing we have done 3 matches each time
  7. does anyone know about the rules : - win 2 (+1) - elimination : double if can explain me thanks ^^
  8. Damn when i thought I was at the end of the tunnel, they just add some lol i hope there is not only one tournament per week or at least a loser bracket to have 2 matchs minimum. but as it is only 10 it cant be so easy and fast to do , if it was the case they would have asking for 200 or 300 ahah
  9. oh so it's total ? i thought it is 1200 in room only
  10. impossible for me to win the smashing buttons games , i'm a girl with no muscles, no all players are males with lot of strengh pffff
  11. is there a limitation for wishlist on psprices ? because i can't add anymore. or maybe just a beug ?
  12. so this will never be sold on european store ?
  13. so a lot of people had no trophy pop on first play but have you all got it at your second or the glitch could happen here too ?
  14. epic i had 0 crash the entire trilogy except one at the very end of the last dlc of infinite, it's like i got the lead the entire race and crash just before the finish line
  15. what a great idea to force to use only 2 characters when there are more than that but as a Sarah i love the "Sarah is about the only person who can stop me." so i'm here to stop you