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  1. The trophy is missable past Act 3. I'm gonna have to play again to get the trophy, and the platinum --'
  2. Hello all, I've finished the game and all the side quests but now I can't get the Second Age Warrior trophy. Celebrimbor can't learn the dominate skill, it says I have to progress in the storyline. Anyone can help? Thanks
  3. Sorry, So, Robinson: The Journey - 0%Detroit: Become Human - 0%Far Cry Primal - 0%Gravity Rush Remastered - 0% Alien: Isolation - 8%
  4. Hi everyone, I guess I will join my first Backlog Challenge. So, Robinson: The Journey (AVG - 22%)- 0% Detroit: Become Human (AVG - 55%)- 0% Far Cry Primal (AVG - 54%)- 0% Gravity Rush Remastered (AVG - 40%)- 0% The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (AVG - 28%)- 84% (i think I'll finally get the plantinum)
  5. This is my first forum reply, but the topic is appealing to me. I just play games on my PS4. I have a 3DS which I don´t use anymore, and i don't play PC or smartphone games. That being said, sometimes I just play games to see what's new, the new trends and to check some games that are different in some way. Additionaly, all the big AAA games that I feel that I'm going to enjoy. There are a lot of easy platinums that I really appreciated like Spyro, Rime, Telltale Games and Virginia. This is not one of those stories, this is my purge to what I have done yesterday! I've My Name is Mayo, Slyde and Eekeemoo: Splinters of Dark Shard plat and when I got those I haven´t felt realized at all, they are just money grabbers. Yesterday I have played Little Adventure on the Prairie, and oh my god, that game is a total garbage! I felt dirty and robbed! Please, don't play it! The thing is there is no right answer, it will always be on your side. Did you feel enjoyment on earning the plat?
  6. You really need to platinum God of War Boa sorte com a Valquíria!
  7. I need some help for the co-op trophies jeee_seq ps4