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  1. That is unbelievable, 10 hrs to get one and 15min later another ... Is over, thanks everyone who share yours experience to make this rng bullshit less painful
  2. Finally i get the Tzitiz gold crown Now Paolumo is the last one.
  3. I cant find a large Paolumu or Tzitzi, i am looking for more then 10 hrs ... This is annoying
  4. About Kulu ya ku do you remember the size him? like when your hunter is near his leg? I having trouble to distinguish the size of him.
  5. if i get a silver crown is it possible to get gold too in the same investigation? if I keep repeating
  6. I'll repeat my question from yesterday. if I enter in the same exact investigation the crown will be appear in the first try? or in this investigation have more chance and i need to continue doing?
  7. Legiana 7 Star Capture investigation 2 Silver and 2 gold HR 13 or higher 2 Max Player 2 Faint Time Limit : 15min Upsurge: Pearl Oysters Big Crown 2107.69
  8. if I enter in the same exact investigation the crown will be appear in the first try? or in this investigation have more chance and i need to continue doing?
  9. This is legit to me and I am sad for him because he is banned, he takes the serious trophy and that makes him stop playing games. Unfortunately is hard to try dispute with admin on this website of my country and he gives up
  10. 2 months ago my friend made this video to try prove her innocence on my country trophy Leaderboard, but admin refused this, and he is banned because the admin of a website can't make the same he did. In this video he back to play after a long time and when he got in a solo player session an unknown puts a bounty on the head like when this shit working and this happened all time. In my opinion, this happened because he stopped playing when this still working and already had a bounty on his head and when he come back the game merely put the bounty back. What you guys think happened in this case? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mhx9rH1VCY
  11. LZenon Shadow of the Colossus • Reason: Mighty Wander (stamina) was earned before Stalwart Wander (HP). Players can earn Stalwart Wander on the first playthrough compared to the ~4 playthroughs to earn Mighty Wander Even if avoiding the +HP fruit boosters, a player might max HP on their second playthrough -- a whole two playthroughs before maxing stamina. Sorry for my inglish, Tell me if you do not understand something I dont care about the leaderboard, this is not reason to make this dispute, I just care about someone saying I did something wrong This accusation don't make any sense. I dont know why you dont acept people who took Mighty Wander first than took Stalwart Wander who need like 4 and half playthrough whith no fruits. I checked some site and like 30% got Mighty Wander first and had no problem. And in this site i found some guys too. 1- In first playthrough before each colossus i pick up the lizard tails is around. 2- Finish NTA. 3- In second playthrough is kind like the same as first. 4- Finish HTA. 5- In third playthrough i collect all lizard tail and kill them to get trophy Endangered Lizards and beat some colossus to get trophy Mighty Wander. If you see i never pick up any fruit before this because is a wast of time if you dont have full stamina to climber the shrine to get trophy about collect all fruit. 6- Now i start collect every fruits and before the end the trophy Stalwart Wander pop out and i climber the shrine and over, 100% platinum trophy.