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  1. Yeah it was probably the only downside to the game, but at least the spawn rather frequently. I just wish there wasn't so many crimes to do.
  2. 60% of the way there just finished Marvel's Spiderman M= Marvel's Spiderman A= AO Tennis Y= Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
  3. On the board for team cujo, completed Marvel's Spiderman for 3. Arachnophobia Can I please have Syberia 3 added for gynophobia and uncharted 3 remastered for Acrophobia.
  4. Got the platinum for the new spider-man game, really fun game to play and super easy to follow along with in terms of story and trophies. a must have for any PSA$ owners. Game had skill tree and also was completed for the spelling-bee/ trophophobia Stats at the start of 2018: Platinum trophies: 48 100% completed: 21 Completion: 58.07% Stat changes during the year: Platinum trophies: +1 100% completed: +3 Completion: +3.46%
  5. A- AO Tennis Y= Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
  6. Y= Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
  7. I finished Yonder this month. fun little gam although the end game was painful in terms of waiting for seasons to complete it. but the fact it was made by 3 people is unreal. This was also completed for the spelling bee and I wouldn't have played this game sooner and only did because if fit this theme. Stats at the start of 2018: Platinum trophies: 48 100% completed: 21 Completion: 58.07% Platinum trophies: 62 (+14) 100% completed 24 (+3) Completion: 60.93 (+2.86%)
  8. Lol ive already changed my mind, going for Dog gone Golfing instead of sam and max
  9. To rep for Team Cujo Im going to play sam and max beyond space and time. Even though each episode has its own trophy list i'm going to do the whole 5, just seems like the right thing to do.
  10. 3. Kinemortophobia = The walking dead a new frontier 5. Monophobia = What remains of Edith finch 8. Decidophobia = Guardians of the galaxy This are my current choices, Ill rep for Cujo but im still deciding what ill do for that catergory.
  11. @Dr_Mayus I am a little confused, I thought 100% not be required was related to dlc completion, meaning that if you plat the game that was fine. However does this mean games without a platinum are not allowed in the game selections?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, I just wanted to due games I already had, and not buy too many games, (planning on buying AO tennis) I've decided to put Mahjong for my M catergory.
  13. oh damn, didn't notice that, Ill decide my M soon then, sorry
  14. hi @Dr_Mayus , I'd like to sign up, and in doing so I'm going for mayus. My games will be M- Marvels Guardians of the galaxy, A- AO Tennis Y- Yooka-layle U- Uncharted 3 Remastered S- Syberia 3
  15. I wanna sign up, I have a preliminary list but ill confirm my games just before the event begins.