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  1. I have the platinum in Far cry 3 classic, Far cry 4 and Far cry 5, so can I please signup?
  2. I was in cabin 9 and would like to continue Make Friends - Tales of the borderlands Hang out at the Lake - Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Play a Sport - Rugby World Cup 2015 Be a Hermit - Syberia BONUS : Summer Vacation - Yooka-Laylee
  3. @donut_plz Another game completion for cabin 9, I finished Syberia! I really love these sorts of games as I've enjoyed grim fandango and the broken sword series. Whilst this wasn't the most difficult puzzles the story and ending has got me excited to play Syberia 2, I'll see if I can make it fit a theme.
  4. @SyIaris I have completed Syberia which sees you travel to the fictional places called Valadeline, Barrockstadt, Komkolzgrad and Aralbad. Further research has indicated that these places are in France and Russia. If you feel this is applicable to this months theme as im still a little unsure, it was also completed for Camp Wannalottaplat so its completes that challenge.
  5. @donut_plz can I please request to add Syberia to my list of games under the hermit category, its a graphic adventure which requires you to use items to progress the story.
  6. @Toogie53 Have platinumed rugby word cup 2015, now moving on to tales of the borderlands
  7. @Abbey97 Just got the platinum in far cry , where the game takes place on multiple islands, with missions utilising boats and jetpacks as well as swimming. The game is fun to play although I does have a few annoying things in it (i'e the fire spreading and response time to putting out fires) .if you've played a far cry game before you know what to expect. This meets the HCR as well as the another event, as ive also completed this for camp wannalottaplat. I also completed licky the the lucky lizard lives again which includes an ability to active floods as the run away from rising lava, it also includes geysers that increase your jump, which geysers are made up of water in real life. This one may be a bit of a stretch 😅 Also condolences for your loss abbey, I lost my grandfather last yeah pretty suddenly so I understand what your going through, but keep pushing on, theres plenty of other positives in life for you to look forward to 👊 Stats at the start of 2018: Platinum trophies: 48 100% completed: 21 Completion: 58.07% Stat changes during the year: Platinum trophies: 59 (+11) 100% completed: 22 (+2) Completion: 60.76 (+2.69)%
  8. @Toogie53 I have completed far cry 3, im planning on doing the rugby World Cup 2015 now. depending how I'm going I may add some more games if time permits me to.
  9. There's ruse for the ps3, I've had a look to see if it was possible, I may add different ways to complete if it is hard to find a game
  10. Hi everyone welcome to my World Cup challenge. I am a relatively new member to the forums and had originally set this challenge for myself but figure another may like to join me. What is the challenge? You play video games, each month a team from the World Cup will be selected, and you have to platinum or 100% a game set in that country. Each themed country will last a month, with the starting date being the 14th of June, the date The actual World Cup begins. Anyone can join, just post in the forum and I will add you. The countries in the World Cup are, The first country will be the hosts Russia, there are plenty of games that take place in Russia such as the Metro series, Syberia series and multiple FPS
  11. I would like to join if its not too late My choices would be Make Friends - Tales of the Borderlands Hang out at the Lake -Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Play a Sport - 2015 Rugby World Cup Bonus Category/Summer Vacation: - Yooka-laylee
  12. The tokens are different as they aren't really a collectible, they are more a device to progress the chapter and despite a trophy being attached to it, I don't think you can play the chapter again without having to collect them again. @KRIEGLERR
  13. The aiming is very sluggish, but it hasn't ruined the experience for me, although I'm very early into the game still, may get worse during the bigger gun fights.
  14. When I got it I made sure that contributed to the contract and remained online, this meant leaving the game on whilst I went AFK, only problem is it disappears one completed so make sure you keep track.
  15. Im planning on playing Far cry 3 classic edition, also what remains of Edith fitch has water in it I think so those will be my games of choice.