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  1. got the platinum for Concept destruction EU, which had a trophy for completing school The Learner Pass all school lesson
  2. Gonna play Beyond Two Souls, TY to all that suggested games I really appreciate it 🙂
  3. Anyone else struggling with this theme, im genuinely clueless about what game to play
  4. Completed sleeping dogs for April, also did all the dlc
  5. sign me up, ill add the games as I go so ill start with #SOLVEWITHME: Word Sudoku by POWGI (EU PS4)
  6. Only got the 5, thanks for the event @eigen-space Lose the weight: Focus on family: The Walking Dead (PS4) Update Relation Status: Batman (PS3) Go to the Gym: Find Time For Yourself: Get a Better Job: Job Simulator Finish your Masterpiece: The Sims 4 Volunteer More: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (EU) Do Better in School: Claire (PS4) Make More Money: Lego Jurassic World (PS4)
  7. Submitting Claire, you have to kill the boogeyman in it. Thats all for March
  8. Completed Claire (PS4) and The Sims 4. I hadn't originally put them down so can you out them in the School and Masterpiece section please
  9. @MarkusT1992 didn't finish astrobot in time so im gonna use a skip, just use gravel for my pic please
  10. Can I get some clarification on what expanded universe entails?
  11. Think Historical fiction is the way to go, Thanks @MarkusT1992
  12. http:// Sci-Fi or Fantasy Themes: Another World 💯 Player's Choice: LEGO Jurassic World (PS4) Award-Winning: The Walking Dead (PS4) With Mystery or Detective Themes: Batman (PS3) If anyone can see a theme that would apply for Lego Jurassic world Lemme know coz id like to keep that free as long as possible
  13. Anyone know how link the card into the forum?
  15. woah those are so cool @Kristycism, I like the god of war one the most