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  1. Finished Hitman Go, ill play the lego movie or 2064: Read only memories next 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- Mixups by POWGI (EU VITA) 6- The Lego Movie (PS4) 7- Hitman GO 8- 2064: Read Only Memories (PS4/VITA) 9- 0- Word Search by POWGI (EU VITA)
  2. First game for the month, Hitman Go Multiple chapters include parts that are indoors (Theatre, Airport, Mansions etc) Counts towards another event (Gaming by numbers)
  3. Got my first 2 done, Both on The Vita, will be playing Hitman Go Next 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- Mixups by POWGI (EU VITA) 6- 7- Hitman GO 8- 9- 0- Word Search by POWGI (EU VITA)
  4. does anyone know if this is playable in couch co-op?
  5. Thanks, Badges look really good
  6. @MarkusT1992 SOUTH PARK: THE STICK OF TRUTH for the ps4, has 51 trophies in total
  7. Generally speaking if someone collects a lot of trophied in real life, they'd need a cabinet to store them, hence Cabinet Maker
  8. Old: AS_CHAOTIC New: WDB_Chaotic
  9. Update, finished uncharted, also swapped out WWE for Sudoku, as it originated in Japan, got the platinum in that as well Summer time -Uncharted remastered Asian Traditional- Work Sudoku by POWGI (EU Vita) Blessing - South Park stick of truth (PS4) Peaceful- One Word by POWGI (EU Vita) Movement - Burnout paradise remastered Lady Songkran- God Of War PS4 Spend Time with family - The LEGO Movie (PS4) Play Together - Conan Exiles Release The bird and fish -Lara Croft Go Its new year, new you - The Walking Dead: The Final Season
  10. So I have changed my psn name to WDB_Chaotic so all my trophies are now there. For this month I Platinumed Uncharted Drakes fortune remastered, which won 2008 IGN PS3 game of the year, also making it eligible for the retro challenge
  11. yeah @JPageMartin36 I've struggled to find footage but any tennis game and i'm in, they don't Look too difficult from a glance.
  12. Good for them for going out on their own, but they NEED to ensure that the product is as accessible as possible. Charging 29.99 AUD just for the double or nothing press conference isn't good enough IMO
  13. @MarkusT1992 Are their any specific awards we are looking at, I assume the Game Awards would count, But what about the Golden Joysticks, SXSW Game awards etc?
  14. Does anyone know if you are able to earn trophies during a free period?