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  1. Ah ok. I must have been one of the lucky ones not to have the trophies pop. Although I still need to do the multiplayer trophies so there's time yet for it to happen!
  2. Just finished the story on PS5 and both trophies popped for me first time. Not sure if there has been an update lately at all.
  3. As of today (3rd August) the trophy popped for me. I'm on my very first playthrough so maybe that has helped. All the suggestion to delete the game/save file and start fresh might work.
  4. There will be a video of how to do it on Youtube if that's any easier for you. Basically start the game on a PS4/5 and your Vita. Start the multiplayer mode and when you go to search for a match do it at the same time on both the console and Vita, then it will usually put you in a game with yourself. As mentioned above I only ever had 1 random encounter whilst doing this, when this happens you can just back out and try again.
  5. This looks nice. If the trophy guides (also messaging etc) work as well as is shown I'm guessing a lot of people with ditch the official app and just use this.
  6. Yep, did the 5 wins trophy last night with my PS5 and Vita. As mentioned above I was playing online last night and I did have a random game come up with someone else.
  7. People who have only just started playing the game (mainly after it was given away for free on PS+) have found trophies popping at more on time or very close to the number needed. I'm guessing yours will come along sooner than you think. It seems the people having most trouble are older players.....people who actually paid for the game like myself. People have been having these problems for years and how a fix has yet to be found it beyond me.
  8. I've also been on the discord with the admins asking about a fix and I just keep being fobbed off with the answer 'we're looking into it'. People have been complaining about this issue for so long now I don't understand where the hold up is having it fixed? How come other games are able to have counter systems work for trophies? Now I'm far from some tech guru so I don't understand how it all work behind the scenes but I just don't understand how it works for some games but not for this one? Especially going way over the count (8000+ I've seen) and the trophy still not pop. I've come to the conclusion I'll never achieve this platinum (1k kills is all I need) due to the fact the devs don't really care about fixing this seeing as the new players aren't having as much of an issue and therefore aren't complaining as much. They're more bothered is looking how to squeeze more cash out of the game and also looking in a sequel or something along those lines. I'm probably being cynical but they've promised things in the past and just casually forgotten about them and ignored the issue.
  9. I'm tempted to use the Vehicle Handling cheat to help with the paramedic missions as I'm usually pretty bad at them. Like you I did this in GTA3 and had no issues unlocking the 100% trophy and platinum but I wondered if using the same cheat in VC will lock you out of the 100% and possibly trophies.
  10. Does the fast motion cheat lock you out of the 100%? Just thinking of doing this at the start of a 100% run - or else I'd need to collect 80 packages twice which isn't too daunting but would be nice to avoid.
  11. I asked again about the trophy bugs on the discord. The response I had was they were looking to have a fix in place later this year. The also said this last October/November and nothing was done then so I'm not holding my breath for a quick fix.
  12. Sorry if it's been mentioned but I booted up the PS5 version of Rogue Company the other night and all the trophies I'd managed to get on the PS4 popped. Looks like there's two list for the PS4/PS5 versions. I'm guessing you can look to achieve the trophies on either console, then load up the other and it should pop. Guessing this is because the trophies are linked to your online profile for the game and not a save file.
  13. Quick question for the trophy, do you have to use the same party/friends or can it be across multiple parties? Just thinking that one friend I play with online wont always be able to play so thought I could just jump in other parties to clock the time up.
  14. Trophy popped for me last night! Nice one.
  15. Can anyone can shed any light on the trophies below whether or not they are still obtainable: Still Bros?Win a Friendly Season in FUT A loyal ally is hard to findEarn a player's loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him Tag Team Back AgainPlay Seasons with a Guest Good StartUnlock 10% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro Double TroubleStart a Co-op Season with a Friend Clubbin'Win your first Pro Club Seasons league match