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  1. Probably a dumb question, but: If you buy the ps5 version, do you still get a free ps4 version too? A free "downgrade?"
  2. Eyes on Me, Final Fantasy VIII. Ooh, I just love this one!
  3. Is this true? You could buy the Nioh DLCs al la carte, right? I still don't see anything on the ps store yet, though.
  4. I wonder if it will be this year? Either way, good news!
  5. LOL. I was more upset than I care to admit when I realized Dark Arisen had taken that intro out. Most out of place but awesome piece of title screen music I've ever experienced.
  6. So weird to see this pop up on the forums because I JUST plugged my old PS3 up again and took a look at my games I either started or always wanted to. Got a lot, many of the same you aim to complete! Well, good luck to us both, I suppose! Thanks for the motivation!
  7. Are the ps4/ps5 trophies stackable? Looks that way, would be pretty sweet if the game is as enjoyable as we all hope!
  8. How certain are you that it's locked?
  9. Looks like I'll be "getting sick" that day. LOL what a time to be alive!
  10. Just keep opening treasure chests and hoping for the best. I've still only gotten like four revives in all my many play throughs. Be lucky!
  11. Have the summon ability passive equipped on one of your item slots, I had mine equipped to the helmet, I think. Then take one of your attack slots, I used triangle, for example, and empty it out completely, except for "manipulate." Then, when you hit triangle, a general will appear and fight for you for a few seconds. Just do this fifty times. If this info isn't exactly correct, my bad, but just so you know, in the Jizo statue screen it tells you everything you need to know to get all these trophies, so just read the descriptions. I didn't notice this until the other day, before that I had no idea what to do either! Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the info! This is great news, I was so pleasantly surprised with how well done the first one was. Still cracks me up when I think about that nerdy character being all secretly buff and everyone not knowing how to react to it. Great game!
  13. Donut County made me laugh a couple of times with how the characters interact with one another. Also, it's a really chill and easy platinum
  14. I'd like to know this, too! Would love to replay these on the 'ol PS5!
  15. Thanks for the info!