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  1. It was my very first platinum trophy, and I earned every trophy because I was obsessed with how good and fun the game was, not because I was in any way a trophy hunter back then. It's popular for a reason. It also has that whole "hard From Software game" notoriety that is hype for some, and utterly terrifying for others. Don't expect to hack and slash your way to victory, just take your time and be cautious. Visit r/bloodborne or r/huntersbell if you need tips or help. Long story short: PLAY it!
  2. I read somewhere that the developer hated the idea of trophies but was more or less forced into it. So, kind of out of spite, he created the thoughtlessly absurd trophy list we all know and love/hate. Also, Deltarune is available on PS4, is it not?
  3. Awesome guide, thanks!
  4. Apparently, it's being released in two days in the U.S. I know this is an old topic, but I'm stoked for the news: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/11/29/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-december-3-2019/
  5. I just saw this and thought the same thing. I'd prefer a devious dungeon 3 first, but, hey--it wasn't such a bad little game!
  6. Looks like a cross between Mother and Paper Mario, visual-wise. Trophies look kind of meh
  7. Definitely a megalixer. I'd be fully rested up, too. The excessive healing would feel great, I bet!
  8. PSN ID: falconkicks PS Systems: PS3, PS4, Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Sure
  9. There's a nearly hidden chest just east of cactus cave. However, my last chest was the one you needed to beat Catthulu to get. Hope this helps!
  10. I was wondering that, too. Nothing on the store at the moment--I guess we will see in a few hours
  11. Looks like L.A. Noire meets Bojack Horseman. Apparently it's a pretty popular comic series. Color me interested
  12. One morning I woke up to feeling pumped to beating the last boss of Bloodborne, which was all needed to net my first platinum trophy. Lo and behold, I had already got it the night before, black out drunk after coming home after a friend's birthday. I was proud, but almost felt cheated at the same time LOL
  13. That is so fucking sad. R.I.P., Alec...
  14. Is this list actually legitimate? If so, why hasn't it been updated on here--or any trophy tracking site--for that matter? Only a few more days until it's out, too
  15. Saw this earlier, thought I'd share for those of you who were waiting for a date! https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/08/19/final-fantasy-viii-remastered-launches-september-3-on-ps4/