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  1. https://gamerant.com/saga-frontier-remastered-gets-release-date-new-trailer/
  2. A tactical/turn based/grand strategy game. Looks cool as hell, and so do the trophy icons! Thoughts?
  3. I was confused too when i couldn't find it on the store. I'm not sure if the release date got pushed back or this trailer just had skewed info, but the developer's website says Switch/PS4 release date is 10/27, so..
  4. Whoa, never heard of this one! It sort of reminds me of a crazier version of Chasm, which I absolutely loved. Thanks for the trailer!
  5. This is awesome news! I remember playing this on my xbox 360 like ten years ago and loving it! Guess it goes to show, people complain long enough, they'll get what they want. Squeaky wheel, and all that.
  6. My bad, it wasn't the website, this is what I read:
  7. Looks simple, yet fun. I haven't played one of these in over a decade, so I think I'll grab this one up! According to the website it's out on the ps store tomorrow, 9/8/2020!
  8. Life is Strange, Dragon Fantasy Book II. Inexpensive, fun the whole way through, and easy as hell.
  9. It's out, I just bought it. $3.99, no cross-buy, though
  10. Never played Jotun, but I loved Sundered. This more relaxing looking game seems perfect right now, what with everyone's realities being a bit more stressful. I like it. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out!
  11. You can only play Catlateral Damage so much when the mood to be a cat strikes you! This looks awesome, thanks for the share!
  12. Thanks for the guide! I have to say, this game was a breeze until the very last boss of tier 3. Any useful tips? Even with defense maxed out on my Valkyrie I'm taking an easy 10 damage per hit... Seems like a few people are stuck at that 91%
  13. Hi, I'm in the Great Seal with: P5R P3 Dancing in Moonlight P4 Dancing All Night P5 Dancing in Starlight Thanks!
  14. There are lots of funny people on here. I'm always laughing at people's comments, for good or bad. All and all I find it a lovely community and I love you all