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  1. If you after the platinum, you basically need to beat every race/GP on Expert, get all the keys AND get all platinum medals on the challenges. The only great tip is that when you are playing on Expert, you only need to beat one of the three objectives (like come top 3) and you're done. Any missing stars, you can get on Normal.
  2. I'm glad that there's no new trophy list. What a relief. No way I wanted to go through those blue sphere stages again and acing them. Urgh.
  3. Don't be fooled with the Kung Fu Panda game if you're after the platinum. There's a reason why less than 50 people got the plat so far after 2 years. The online grind is super tedious.
  4. It's 100% coming. The question is, when though.
  5. FYI to all, Super Sonic is coming as DLC so most of the trials should become easier.
  6. Add me in please. Should be in hyper. @LeetWolf2
  7. The NOW LOADING screens...oh my days. Yeah I'm grateful that all I had to do is beat the stories and move on.
  8. Just aim for the other trophies. This one will come naturally. It's the Ring King trophy that you'll have to grind for.
  9. This is the level in a nutshell. (This happened to me a lot when trying to collect Red Star Rings/Silver Moon Rings in Aqua Road and Episode Shadow)
  10. Really? =P
  11. You can hide those individual trophies if that's the case.
  12. In a selfish kinda way, I'm sorta glad you didn't know about it until now? Otherwise I wouldn't be the first to get 100% in Sonic Forces or be first in its would have been. =P
  13. Complete the story. Then create a new avatar with a different race.
  14. ...or change the date on your PS4. That's how I did mine quickly.
  15. Yeah, I was stuck for 10 minutes on this. It wasn't even explained in the online manual. After that I just decided to do a trial and error, and on my first trial I got finally knew what the spin attack was. The stomp one though, I spent an hour on it and almost got to a point that I thought my save file was glitched. This topic came along at the right time.