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  1. Thanks for that @iFraaN97
  2. hi, what's the numbers in before the letter in the move mean? e.g. 236C/214C mean? thanks
  3. Its a cool game booged down by connectivity issues for co-op and multiplayer modes. Its not so bad once you can get over those issues. BUT it is a huge pain. You need to open ports, accept game invite quickly (in a short space of time...say a few seconds), being in the same region, having a bit of luck.....but a great game besides this.
  4. its not stupid to want to play a game that you just got...not eveyone was able to play or had the game 10 years ago....why are people so shallow minded?
  5. https://support.activision.com/articles/legacy-activision-games Activision close servers for games without notice. Check out the link
  6. Hey guys, I started the game today and got 14 trophies in about 3 hours including the online trophies that was mentioned in this thread. Just use the guide on psnprofiles as a first guide. Read it in detail and you can see what trophies can be "tricky". Then google those trophies for a detailed description on how to get it. (True Trophies has some great descriptions). ....and whalla ...14 trophies in 3 hours ... this is what I did today. Hope it helps....now for the other 13 to get that plat.
  7. hi, isnt the servers closed for this game?
  8. I am thinking to get this game. How many people are required for online boosting?
  9. https://www.(URL not allowed)/n17284/switchblade-trophy-fixed-platinum-now-obtainable
  10. Hey guys, I got this legit..well kinda...I happened to join a lobby and someone placed a bounty on me for an insane amount of money, then i was instantly transferred to the other players location and they kept killing me...so i just stayed in that lobby for about an hour (and I wasn't kicked) and the trophy popped for me....the other players left me alone after a while and left a bounty on me....so i was lucky. Good luck to those that are trying for this. I have been reading the online sites and from what I understand is that you need to pay to get this done by hackers....so I count myself lucky....just so add, I have started this game about 4 years ago and didnt play due to life constraints and when the servers started going off line I restarted hunting online trophies...believe it or not, I was unaware that the ps3 version was unobtainable until I started reading the guide recently and I just thought, just like RDR, hackers are making it easier to get to level 100 fast.
  11. I am trying to get James Bond Blood Stone and Batman Arkham Origins MP done..then onto AEOTM is AC Brotherhood....then BLACK FLAG MP
  12. OK so i got it now...when you attempt the trophy ..do everything in the method as listed..but make sure that the date is after the date you started and after the date of your last save. I used 1st January 2019 to 30th January 2019 and got the trophy and plat. Good luck
  13. i have tried twice but i cannot get the " all sales are final trophy" to unlock.. I have hosted the matches, won 2 matches, the other player have gotten it to unlock and they were not hosting. Any advise? method: internal clock set to manual. hosted last man standing won 2 games each wait for in game stats to sync backed out to main menu close to game to xmb changed date re-entered and created a new game repeat process
  14. how come the codes are 10 digits and not 12?