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  1. works like a charm. thank you benevolent one.
  2. the plat image and title are so good im seriously considering making it my 2000th milestone.
  3. i block anyone who rage quits in fighitng games. once a rage quitter always a rage quitter.
  4. the most ambitious plat i will be pursuing before i hit plat 40 is FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: LOST PARADISE. this genre is not my forte so it will be quite the challenge.
  5. my most cherished childhood game : Rogue Galaxy
  6. opm. anxious to see the battle between saitama and monster garou in season 3
  7. 2000 - Peaceful Resolution(Fairy Fencer F) 40th - Universal Recognition(Disgaea D2) 2500 - Dream Big(Ni No Kuni 2) 50th - One True King(Ni No Kuni 2) itll take me at least 3 years to achieve this goal. LOOONG ways to go 😓