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  1. Yeah, that’s not entirely true. Ocean Fishing can be used towards the platinum. I also have to disagree with the fact you “shouldn’t play this game for trophies” as there are a lot of very easy trophies to get that take nearly no time at all. Playing this game just for a platinum however, I would advise against. It took me over a year of daily playing to get this platinum (because for the first month or two I really had no idea what I was doing). It is a great game but it is a time sinker.
  2. People playing it already would be those with Kickstarter codes. I believe the actual release is on the 9th.
  3. Kickstarter codes have started to be sent out! Exciting!
  4. I would like to sign up for this if possible! I would fall under Lightning’s Sidekick as I only have one platinum so far: Final Fantasy XIV
  5. The English VA for Paimon has a TikTok and is kind of irritating in those, which is a shame because I like the Paimon character.
  6. I’m so happy to see that Summer in Mara finally has a trophy list. This is a game I ended up backing on Kickstarter because I absolutely loved their other game Deiland. The switch and steam versions have been out a while now - but with the release of a trophy list that should mean that the Kickstarters who pledged for Xbox and PS4 releases will get there’s soon! I’m excited!
  7. I don’t remember proud being overly difficult with the exception of one story line boss. It is doable, but you need to ensure that you skip cutscenes and ensure you are wearing the best gear. Skipping the cutscenes makes a beginner run about 4-6 hours long if you’re efficient - the 15 hours is quite generous in that sense. I don’t know why you would be leaving the console idle though?
  8. Free login campaign users can use PF, as they’ve previously subscribed
  9. At most you would get 148 leves done as you get 4 days game time from your first log in. Also for those interested in this, there is a few more rules than not being subscribed, you must have not been active for the last 30 days. If you would like to see a full list of requirements from the official FFXIV website: here
  10. I actually got the trophy with a friend but I can tell you PF is very quick on Chaos DC and people tend to jump in quick for an unsynced coil run, no matter what coil/turn you’re on. Also please remember - if you guys are suggesting to use PF, free trial users can’t use it. If you’re on chaos dc and need some help as a free user let me know. I can help!
  11. You still get the trophy with unsync
  12. Fieldcraft isn’t the most beneficial for the trophy UNLESS you’re doing fishing. If you’re looking for faster turn ins you’ll want to be doing tradecraft since they can be bought from market board. Fishing is the exception as you can buy the fish and turn them in. Also fishing is fieldcraft because it is a gathering class not a trade/crafting class, hope that helps any confusion. The only reason you wouldn’t do this is if you’re on the free trial. (I’m currently on my last trophy but I want the platinum to be my 2000th total so fate grinding will have to wait a little. I finished the Yokai event so it will be shared fates for me aha)
  13. The US store states that this game should work with the PSTV - my question is: If I get a physical copy of the EU version will this work with PSTV? I can’t seem to find a lot of information about the PSTV in general so if this has been answered elsewhere please direct me there ^^
  14. Sly 1 is easy! I never got around to finishing the other two games so if you’re someone who doesn’t mind hiding 0% lists that’s an option.
  15. Not sure about Plot Thickens, but Cha-ching might not have been unlocked as players get different amounts of emeralds from each other. When playing local co-op I noticed some of the vases that give emeralds would occasionally not reward me with any. Have they been salvaging their gear, as this also can cause the trophy to pop once they hit 1000. I’ve not had any issues with P2 unlocking trophies and even managed to unlock separate trophies as P1 - so I would check if you’re on the current patch and maybe redownload the game if it still persists.