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  1. You may want to hide all the games this has happened to you as well before anyone reports you for any other games.
  2. I would imagine the achievements don’t carry over as a lot of them are tied to the trophies which would mean they would auto-pop I don’t have the means to test this now however, hopefully you can get your answer soon bud
  3. I know this thread is quite old but yes. It said when you set it up that you cannot change the account it is linked to at a later date. I suppose this means that because of this you won’t be able to unlock the trophies for your current ID. I couldn't see your trophy list on your profile so I don’t know if you’ve hidden it or no longer care about the game. Sorry for being up old threads.
  4. Hi guys, has anyone been able to get past the Grand Prix level of chapter 6 since the new update? I updated the game this morning but for some reason the game is only crashing on that level making it impossible for me to get to chapter 7
  5. Destiny 2: I just didn’t enjoy it and knew that there would be a whole load of expansions for it at some point. Deleted the trophy list and returned the physical copy.
  6. Considering PSN was down in the UK for over an hour yesterday I imagine it’s something to do with the “external issues” PlayStation have been having.
  7. I’ve just finished Nier:Automata and I genuinely feel a little sad. Not becaue I didn’t enjoy the game but because I now have nothing to follow it. I’m now worried my next game that I play won’t be nearly (haha nierly) as fufilling
  8. Are Sony still doing that thing where they then ban the accounts after they refund the items (I know that’s more to do with card fraud but still...)? Also I don’t recall being able to refund items on my EU account, unless it’s super hidden away and I’ve never noticed it 🤔 Also April Fools?
  9. Unfortunately you’re going to have to start at Chapter 6 and play from there while trying to prevent her death. It would be a good idea to pick up the collectibles then since you’re having to replay the chapters (if you haven’t found them all already) Assuming you’ve got to chapter 10 it might be worth double checking if anyone else is dead too
  10. Did you take photos of the same thing twice by accident?
  11. Would this not now be in the Moogle shop, as you’ve previously had some?
  12. I just found Quail at Port Royal. They’re in a yellow crate inside a building to the right of the dock when you board your ship
  13. It’s in Arendelle! I found it on the trip up to the labyrinth on my first Arendelle run.
  14. So it’s just worded weirdly? Since when you go into the characters it’s still got ??? for things. if it is just for characters I suppose it makes some sense but then the trophy description isn’t very clear /:
  15. I just started streaming this today and this happened first time going into Collection. Clearly haven't played enough to get the trophy - I didn't have the fail trophy pop either so I'm wondering if anyone else is having issues with trophies. I don't have half the costumes yet so I'm not sure if this trophy had a different translation on the Japanese games?