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  1. I’ve only been able to get money once since owning property and have 2.5 hours game time. So I can only assume it’s real hours, like the gender trophy is. edit: just tried again since I had the game open and it seems like irl hours as I have collected twice now in 2 hours.
  2. It’s supposed to be every hour, I remember reading this yesterday in game.
  3. There are physical copies of this game, however they are not EU stacks. Found on Amazon UK for £20 (P5D) and £15 (P3D) - if that is of any help to you? I don’t think you can change the in game language however...
  4. Does this not count as save file use? After all you are downloading someone else’s preexisting family and gaining trophies from it.
  5. I have a save file ready for just restarting this last game over and over again, I have a feeling it’s going to be the last trophy I get somehow
  6. I remember a while back that there was a fix to bugs like this by changing the language to Spanish. Have you tried that?
  7. I’d imagine that because you can have multiple characters the worst thing that will happen is that the trophy doesn’t pop and you’ll have to run through ARR with another character. Everything else is tied to actual achievements in game so I’d like to think that they’re not affected. I don’t have a way of testing this for you right now however.
  8. Hi all, Recently started my play through of Dead Rising and I have found my game consistently is crashing at 29 Hours remaining while loading in/out of the maintenance tunnels. Is this common or will I have to reinstall I the hopes this fixes it?
  9. Just to double check, are your characters not in your cloud saves? Also hosting a session would be the best way of grabbing an extra player to help.
  10. Thought I got large gold crown Glav yesterday while on an expedition, absolutely gutted when it was silver. Foot was larger than my hunter so I knew he was a ‘big boi’.
  11. You may want to hide all the games this has happened to you as well before anyone reports you for any other games.
  12. I would imagine the achievements don’t carry over as a lot of them are tied to the trophies which would mean they would auto-pop I don’t have the means to test this now however, hopefully you can get your answer soon bud
  13. I know this thread is quite old but yes. It said when you set it up that you cannot change the account it is linked to at a later date. I suppose this means that because of this you won’t be able to unlock the trophies for your current ID. I couldn't see your trophy list on your profile so I don’t know if you’ve hidden it or no longer care about the game. Sorry for being up old threads.
  14. Hi guys, has anyone been able to get past the Grand Prix level of chapter 6 since the new update? I updated the game this morning but for some reason the game is only crashing on that level making it impossible for me to get to chapter 7
  15. Destiny 2: I just didn’t enjoy it and knew that there would be a whole load of expansions for it at some point. Deleted the trophy list and returned the physical copy.