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  1. Thanks everyone for answers I don't lie, it takes 18 minutes you can check my trophies, it started with "Hail Mary" if I started this glitch with diffrent weapon i would get trophie for 500 kills. I didn't expect that, i should just exit game or turn off console when this happend but I was suprised and i regret this. If I did this on purpose i would not make post about it :/ I am not alone but he turn this off after getting 3 trophies. I only unlock "How the west was won" at the end >.> If i was going for 50 lvl i would read guide on this site first and i would not risk for one trophy.
  2. Hi, I started Red Dead Redemption multiplayer and I accidentally throw tomahawks on civilians in free Roam Session and "Hail Mary" trophy pop for killing people using tomahawk and after a few minutes "How the West Was Won" trophy, after that I killed a few normal people using shotgun and "Long Arm of Marston" trophy pop for 500 kills with shotgun, 8 minutes after How the West Was Won trophy :/ Will I get flagged or banned for unlocking "How the West Was Won" before trophies for killing with specific weapons? If anyone can let me know it would be much appreciated, thanks! Sorry for my English.