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  1. Cats managed to kill the HDMI port in my PS3 now.  Thankfully, it has a component input.  But good god those graphics suck.  At least I don't have to buy another one :| 

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    2. DaivRules


      Composite output still does 720p/1080i. That’s how I have mine hooked up so I can use the HDMI on the tv for something else. 

    3. Rewemarkt66
    4. Honor_Hand


      How exactly did the cat kill the PS3's HDMI port? :o


      Component looks pretty good too. I remember a time when my TV got its HDMI ports damaged and had to switch the PS3 to component while I got that fixed. You need a special set of cables of course but the picture was pretty good. Output was 720p/1080i as DaivRules mentioned above but everything looked crystal clear to me. Color depth wasn't as good as with HDMI but the difference was barely noticeable, at least for me anyways.