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  1. Yeah, that's very true. However, now that they fixed the stage issue with AM, I'm gonna do it in single. Been waiting for years for a fix on that.
  2. Especially in Axis Mundi.
  3. I agree with the hard advice as this would line up to get easy and normal on classic and remix leaving the stage select for last. I feel like I read somewhere that for the routes you suggest on playthroughs 3 and 4 that these branches could be achieved starting from a day 5 save. The reason I pointed out the stage select method is the first route I took was the Rin route, unlocking all the stages, doing them from the phone select screen during the second playthrough and leaving the rest of the time to getting the endings and skipping the block stages on your ending playthroughs. It's pretty much the same speed. Where the block stage plays are done are shuffled around a bit and it requires doing the Rin route first, though. I guess I favor my method because I found it a bit easier to do all settings for a night at once before going to the next night because of the stage similarities between classic and remix and the idea that the stage layouts are still fresh in your mind. It is good to know that 4 playthroughs overall either way is the minimum amount you need to beat the game, at any rate. Edit: Also, much thanks to writing the original trophy guide for Catherine. You did an amazing job with it! Especially with the video links for each mode.
  4. Thanks for the follow! Decided to follow you as well!

    1. Icebrand1270


      If you're wondering, I deleted that status update I posted in case my relatives saw it. Shared computer and all. Not my brightest idea. Not worth an argument on a strained family dynamic.

    2. Temmie


      I don't blame you.  Covering one's ass in any situation is always the best advice.

    3. No It Was My Cousin

      No It Was My Cousin

      Temmie is a great guy, you should of followed him sooner,  the second you laid eyes on his beautiful countenance.

  5. Geez. It's either easy plats or hidden games. Someone's always gotta complain about something. I actually considered hiding my easy plats once I passed a certain mark, but I'm keeping them. Sometimes it's nice to play a stupid easy game to cleanse the pallet, for lack of a better phrase. I do joke it's shameful that my #38-47 plus others are easy, but hey. As long as you aren't a little cheating jerkwad, trophy however you want to trophy. I mean, you play games for enjoyment after all.
  6. Catherine: Full Body needs better online.  But it did save me from playing F13 for a while, which is amazing.


    Well, that and it's in my top 3 favorite games.  They only made it much better.  Rin is the best Catherine <3 

  7. Not necessarily 6 playthroughs on this one. I finished the story once doing Rin's route and started a second playthrough after I got all her endings from my leftover saves. All the stages were available from the phone and you can do whatever you need from there. This also has the added benefit of being able to replay one of the night's stages even if you finish it, in case you messed something up. That and you don't have to change the difficulty settings in the config menu as when you select a stage, it sets all this automatically. It even skips the landings so you just play one stage right after another in a night. Doing all the difficulties before going to another night does make it easier because the stages generally stay the same in Remix/Classic with minor differences. If you start with the Remix and gold it, you'll have a much easier time doing it on Classic. I've already finished nights 1-6 doing this. That way, when I'm finished with El Dorado, I can just skip the block stages and do what I need to unlock the rest of the endings. Rapunzel is the stuff nightmares are made of.
  8. > Drops 150 metric tons of hug for ye

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Temmie


      But of course :D 

  9. Mega shame to me, brought to you by Sony Rewards, a random 10$ PSN card from them and leftover PSN credit:


    #39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 - Conan Exiles, Destronaut DX, Jack and Jill DX, Little Adventure on the Prairie and Peasant Knights.


    I'm only missing one of them.  I figure before Sony Rewards goes out, I'll knock loose another ten or twenty from it.  I figure this is what I would of been at had it not been for Friday the 13th

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. PSXtreme_


      @DamagingRob I can top that...


      Image result for bring out your dead gif


      Sony still hasn't updated my rewards since May...you should feel blessed....



    3. Temmie


      @PSXtreme_ That sucks verily.  I've heard of a few people it works for and some not. :( 

    4. Masamune


      My account only seems to get updated about once a month, but I only need 1 or 2 more plats for my next reward (I think they lost track of one of them <_<), so I'm sure I'll get to that at least. That'll probably be my last one before it ends, I don't think I have that many short plats (under 20 hours) left in my backlog, but I got about $100 out of the program, so I'm happy with that. :hmm:


      Oh, & congrats! ^_^


      @DamagingRob I've never watched Game of Thrones, so my mind always going to this. xD


  10. Cats managed to kill the HDMI port in my PS3 now.  Thankfully, it has a component input.  But good god those graphics suck.  At least I don't have to buy another one :| 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DaivRules


      Composite output still does 720p/1080i. That’s how I have mine hooked up so I can use the HDMI on the tv for something else. 

    3. Rewemarkt66
    4. Honor_Hand


      How exactly did the cat kill the PS3's HDMI port? :o


      Component looks pretty good too. I remember a time when my TV got its HDMI ports damaged and had to switch the PS3 to component while I got that fixed. You need a special set of cables of course but the picture was pretty good. Output was 720p/1080i as DaivRules mentioned above but everything looked crystal clear to me. Color depth wasn't as good as with HDMI but the difference was barely noticeable, at least for me anyways.

  11. So, my best friend and trophy rival has passed me during a stretch of Red Dead Redemption 2 and general messing around online.  So I booted up Sound Shapes on the vita and 67 silvers and 1 gold later, I'm ahead again.  I gotta say, I'm not a fan of the game on a handheld, but eh, what are ya gonna do?


    Yay for Sound Shapes cheapassery!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      Sound Shapes, always providing that boost in trophies when you need it. :D It's a fun and cool game though. Even if everyone and their dog out there has exploited those trophies to maximize their count. xD

    3. Temmie


      @Honor_Hand Right?  I was almost gonna be one of those people, but decided against it at the last minute because I felt like it'd be unfair to my trophy rival/best friend to just autopop them.  Gives me a chance to throw my Vita at a wall because of death mode ;) 

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Temmie Those death mode levels are the worst. Very luck-dependant some of them, I was about to slam my Vita against a wall too when I tried them there xD But then I remember how much the thing costed me lol 😂

  12. Finally my profile is merged with my current name.  Bye old PSN name!  It was fun using my usual name from my Unreal Tournament days, but wewe < temmie. ;) 

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    2. BG_painter


      Thank you, thank you :D
      Can't wait to see your drawings :)

    3. ShonenCat


      @Temmie Got the box set here at home. Will be sure to do so ;)

    4. Temmie


      @ShonenCat NIIIICE! :D I got one too.  Which is your favorite character?

  13. I'm super excited about Catherine: Full Body way more than I was with Crash or Spyro.


    Rin is such a beautiful person.  I wish I could find someone like them..

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Temmie


      @Fat Chocobo @ERGOPROXY-DECAY We should totally face off in the versus mode.  *evil grin*

    3. NERVergoproxy


      @TemmieIs that like a strip mode? im in!

    4. Temmie


      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY Block stages, but two players, whoever survives or makes it to the top first wins :D 

  14. Ended up having to walk five miles home because I ran outta gas.  Makes me remember how much I hate the town I live in.  Nice exercise though.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Honor_Hand


      Damn, that sucks man. I admire your positivity though. 👍

    3. NERVergoproxy


      You sure getting a lot of bad happenings lately...

  15. *waves* Tis an honor to have you visit little ol me.  Your trophy cabinet always makes me laugh.