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  1. [#36] Spyro: Reignighted Trilogy - Spyro the Dragon + All Skill Points


    This game is glorious.  It was incredibly well done and taken very good care of by the dev team.  Now hopping onto Spyro 2!

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    2. Ruukan



      Spyro 2 takes a bit longer due to backtracking. but its a better game... :D Have fun!

    3. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      Congrats on that one, Temmie!

    4. Condemned09
    1. Temmie


      There's just too much awesome here for one person to wield.  Pink Spyro, here I come.

    2. knoef_NL


      Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gay meme

      The black spyro looks a lot like that little dragon that is in that cartoon movie 

    3. knoef_NL
  2. Right as I come back, you reappear!  :D  Hope to see you around, friend.

    1. Silently


      Welcome back temmie we miss u.. ^_^v same here hehe..





  3. Hello everyone.  It's been a bit since I came around here. Been playing a lot of Friday the 13th and counted down the minutes when Spyro released last night.  It was glorious.  Especially the Egg Thief :D


    @ERGOPROXY-DECAY@PooPooBlast and @MidnightDragon are awesome.

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    2. Temmie


      Oh, and I forgot @Honor_Hand@BG_painter.


      I'll just keep adding people as my brain stops being dumb.

      And @Condemned09.


      @Silently, work has been killing my Spyro time, as well as Friday the 13th.  Glad to see you're enjoying yourself! :D 


    3. Honor_Hand



      Haha, don't worry Temmie ;)


      Glad to see around here again ^^

    4. Condemned09


      Welcome back :) 

  4. Got Disgaea 1 Complete, but I plan to let my best friend borrow it because he was super excited to play it and I have a huge backlog to work through :) My Disgaea collection is coming along nicely <3 

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    2. Jelloycat


      @Temmie Yeah, especially if it's a game that I enjoy then I really don't mind the grind. I'm the type that typically levels their characters up more than needed as well haha.
      (Though I'm not sure I could put up with a grind for games like Mugen Souls. xD  ) 

      I have one of them for the PS3 that I should really try out sometime. (My PS3 is just getting so old though, I really need to get a new one! :P ) 

    3. Temmie


      @Jelloycat, hilariously enough, simply getting your character to level 9999 (I find that so awesome that's the max level.  Makes Super Mario RPG's Level 30 max look like child's play) isn't enough with reincarnation bonuses.  Then you have item world and innocents.  I've heard tons of people call out Disgaea for content overload.  But with a save file filled with no regret and 300+ hours, I love it!


      Which one for the PS3?  I started Disgaea 3 and D2.  Girl Laharl was very intriguing xD 

    4. Jelloycat


      @Temmie Lol that is a pretty great level cap. xD Especially since most games are about 100. 
      I don't think there's a thing as too much content, as long as you're having fun with it! I spent so much time on Persona 5, for example, and didn't regret a single minute of it. 

      I believe I have the 4th one, I originally just picked it up because it was on sale, but they seem like pretty good RPGS. I would like to check out the 1st one though, now that it's on PS4. :) 

  5. I decided not to cross save Sound Shapes before the server shutdown.  I'll just do it two more times after I finish the first one I started.  I wanna give my best friend/rival a fair chance to catch up to me.

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      I respect your decision! That's why you are great like that.😊

    3. Temmie


      Thanks @ERGOPROXY-DECAY  :D 


      I credit mostly my best friend on that, but more over, it just made me uncomfortable the more I thought about it.  I had my Vita booted up a few nights ago to do it, but I was just like "nah".  I remembered how disappointed my friend sounded when I mentioned it and it just kinda bothered me after that.



      I personally really want to finish it and get all that is available to me, but it was pretty stressful and terrible rng luck for me back in 2016, I gave up since then. Now that its just 1-2 days left. I doubt ill give it another go. :(

      Maybe I just wasn't as patience then idk. haha

  6. I did for Crash Bandicoot: NSane Trilogy, Spyro: Reignighted Trilogy, Secret of Mana and South Park: The Fractured but Whole. The preorder bonuses were pretty awesome (still haven't opened my Aku Aku mask keychain). I think my favorite theme out of all of them will probably be either Crash riding Polar in a loop or Spyro standing in Dark Hollow. That music always gives me goosebumps because of how calm it is and of course the extreme memberberries. I don't really mind dealing with glitches. None of the above were super terrible when they came out (minus Spyro of course because it's not out yet, lol). Yooka Laylee gave me more trouble than any of the above games because of a wonky camera or difficulty spikes, but that wasn't a preorder.
  7. I was curious about that but didn't have accounts on either to check. Thanks!
  8. That doesn't sound particularly pleasant. Hope everything goes well with the fixes. Bless you @Sly Ripper for helping my trophy addiction flourish
  9. Whoops! I changed that around like tons of times and I ended up deleting some stuff by accident
  10. I don't really see the concern with changing the name for griefing. Enough times, I'm sure someone would end up getting banned by Sony. It's not like they can't create a new PSN ID as it stands anyway. If griefing is the only concern, then I'm sure it will be dealt with. It's no reason to stop a feature that tons of people have been requesting. It's a staple feature in most other networks. And not only that, you can change your name in real life. And really, if someone wants to keep spending 10 bucks and get banned over it, that would be their own fault for doing something intentionally malicious. I get the worries, but this is something places have had to deal with before. I also agree with what @ERGOPROXY-DECAY said in another thread. If it doesn't effect you beyond minor inconveniences and solvable problems, why put a stop on it? It was honestly surprising so many people were against it simply because "you made your bed" beyond the griefing argument. I just say let people do what they need to do and if problems arise from it, figure it out along the way. I remember even seeing someone transgendered praising this because it saddened them every time they logged in because they had to see their deadname. Hell, people change their names on here all the time and most of the time I end up bumping into them later and it's like "HEYYYYYY". You could even add all your friends to a message group and be like "hey, I'm changing x to y." Also, I'm not sure you'd end up losing your digital library or even your trophies. If that were the case, no one would do it and it would be pointless. Sony has shown they are able to transfer digital purchases to a new account and some people have even reported that their trophies reappeared after a period of time. I don't think it's impossible. The issue might just be with online capable games.
  11. Figures a level in Unravel that was a huge pain had my friend's last name in it xD 

    1. PooPooBlast


      I've heard Temmeh so many times from goons now in the Yakuza games that I can't associate your name positively anymore xD


      From what I gathered it's a Japanese swear word. (Don't quote me on it). Lol

    2. Temmie


      Might be number #17 on this list.  Shinee when said fast kinda sounds simliar xD 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Looked it up! It's called Temee and it means bastard. 


      And haha I saw Kuso in the list you showed me Which is basically what I'm used to hearing when I screw things up in minigames xD. It means fuck! Or shit! 

  12. Much to my delight, I discovered that I have Minecraft for the PS3 sitting as a digital download on the PS3 I bought from my friend :D 

    1. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      Way to go, Temmie!  Feels like Christmas, doesn't it? :)

  13. Thanks to you and your ability to Sonic the Hedgehog your way to more golds than me, you've inspired me to spend my Sony Rewards stuff on this once I finish up Unravel xD 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Temmie


      Lol, the cone of shame.  I'm so glad she's doing well!


      I need to borrow that for Kira because she likes fighting with my other cat :| 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Read the cone is stressful and uncomfortable and shouldn't be used unless absolutely needed. Well, since she ate half of her first set of stitches, it was absolutely needed. :P

    4. Temmie


      I just wish they'd get along.  Poor Joanie looks like she got nicked on her ear pretty good as there was a bit of blood around a table this morning.  It's healed up, but I'm seriously considering taking her to the vet tomorrow just to make sure.  That's why I thought Kira did it because she has a tendancy to be a big bully.  She kept beating up my roomie's boy cat when I lived with him last year.