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  1. cool profile keep up the good work

  2. keep up the good work my old time 😁

    1. kfree7


      Thank you Omni!  Just enjoying the journey.


  3. im omn . Nice to meet you - keep up the good work

  4. Omni will just sit and wait for master smash to figure it out HEHE im lazy like this hehe
  5. haha powerful machine only to rerun the same old data Sony won this round took the money and flew - sold a $600 NZD machine and reruns of the same old shit - making coins in the process 😂😂😂
  6. you do some GREAT games on your list 

    keep up that good work

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    2. Yuno Gasai

      Yuno Gasai

      Except when @Spaz hates doing Community Pack on Arkham Knight if remember it right.

    3. AJ_Radio


      You remember that? That was three years ago.

    4. Yuno Gasai

      Yuno Gasai

      I thought it was this year lol.

  7. Just drop it and let it go
  8. ill go with esstee since your REDBOW vid was so perfect
  9. can you look at my profile Sony sent you there 😂
  10. new game enable debug and fly around quickly.
  11. if your up to naughty stuff they will find you .. if you cant finish a game because its hard or offline is gone then just hide it or own up to yourself and say i cant finish it i still have my crash CTR and crash 1 to finish - maybe one day just the time trials stress me hahaha 😂 time trials make me MAD hahaha
  12. why care when most can create a profile spend like $100 on ratas stack the milk out of it and go im level 40 in 30days \\ look how silly my profile is now more gold trophies then silver or bronze its pointless . cant call yourself a gamer if you follow videos of others work but some will go im a gamer ... its all EGO
  13. you must be like the only player who has this issue . lucky u have that z3 speed boost to draw then ..