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  1. thought maybe u used debug mode - never seen it - oh well just go back and get the other three or use debug mode to fly faster and get them upto u
  2. You always bring the best - gave the video a THUMBS UP ..
  3. holy hell $23.95c newzealand LOL #PASS
  4. im still having trouble with crash 1 LOL - bloody golds for time trails - could get all gems but i get turned off by the control's at times. Not impossible just time management. thanks for the heads up about the new DLC
  5. HAhaHAha This was good with my morning coffee πŸ˜‚
  6. Just went to your website and read your ( ABOUT ME )

    your doing a great job. keep it up.

    gaming 4 life ........

  7. double jump - slide jump with L2 + R2... some can take a few trys - remember just to mix it up to you find you pass.. Game was fun.had a good story to offer and some mini puzzles + quest. nothing to hard or crazy...
  8. Yes any direction, including diagonals.
  9. 1 more plat till you hit the 100 club. You can do it  😁

  10. Thanks for the tip - it works very good - little confusing at first but once u master it. its easy pee zee
  11. There could be a shortcutt ur missing. have not played the game in agers now sorry -but if u youtube or google there should be a video. but basically your right pick up all turbos and no crash.
  12. Just got this on 2nd play. at was a boss i missed near the end of game. i had to make sure i trow at all ships people bossers and the plants on the train.
  13. At the start of game play i had the same feeling but towards the end it pulled me in with its epic story.. i give it a 5/10