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  1. 🤑 just having a perv around.

    Hope all is well frog . 😉

  2. Thanks for this one my frog Just doing this now - you always have a video to cover my back side haha 😇
  3. Keep up the good work frog

    like your VN eye candy trophies 😎 

  4. this will help too awesome work you did here 😁
  5. Im give trine 2 a shot . let me know how you go. like what your doing with your profile . have a happy happy joy joy 2019..

  6. Like how you made time stamps. Will be fun to play part 2 as well..
  7. Yes i was thinking ill have to stay offline all the time if i do the EU stack - thank you everyone for the clear up - i feel good knowing this info. have a good day or night .
  8. So i have read about this but will post about it for me own. Played sleeping dogs NA version first and passed that 100% after just 2 weeks shy. Now i started the AS version and it already had the Gold Stat Awards.highlighted so all i had toi do was unlock one tiny mission to unlock all other thophies. Is this legit or not is what i want to find out before trouble comes my way.Some say what happen is the game reads your online profile and thats why it unlocks all other thophies. because i had already passed the NA version 100% - i just need to clear the air. anyone that would know thank you
  9. Good luck on your mission - i used to have this mind set starting to trend away from it. DLC can be upsetting. you will need to read up about the game before hand to see if there is any miss-able trophies. or glitched ones... The stress can be there too if the game HARD or GRIND or Time Trail. All in all if it is what you want then go get it 😀
  10. Just stopping in to say Good Morning 🤓

    1. MMDE


      It's 00:42...

    2. Omni_Vocal


      it was 10.45am when i said that Newzealand time - have a good one 😚

  11. i see you dropped by my profile thanks for that . 
    good luck on your gaming missions for this year

  12. Hi thanks for stopping by my profile - hope we can make friends or share some storys - good luck in 2019 

    1. demonviper666


      Thanks   add anytime  

  13. Hello thanks for stopping by my profile and having a look or read. I see you play some fast indie games like me. thats cool we have something in common for gaming wise. Good luck on your gaming mission

    1. inflict54


      Hello, thats some unexpected positive vibes 😊 Thank you and good luck to you too 🤓

  14. Hi hope all is well thanks for stopping by me profile. be safe and keep getting those plats

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    2. Omni_Vocal


      will do. Atm just working on sleeping dogs and the 300 plat milestone ill try pop back in when i get there say im done if i dont forget =)

      Bless to you

    3. MidnightDragon


      I’m hoping to hit 50 this summer. 

    4. Omni_Vocal


      You will get there i just been doing stacks of the same game to boost my total score . i want to be lvl 50 but its not a race or a rush just each day bit by bit.. be safe my dragon =)

  15. sup brothA>> frog