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  1. if your up to naughty stuff they will find you .. if you cant finish a game because its hard or offline is gone then just hide it or own up to yourself and say i cant finish it i still have my crash CTR and crash 1 to finish - maybe one day just the time trials stress me hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚ time trials make me MAD hahaha
  2. why care when most can create a profile spend like $100 on ratas stack the milk out of it and go im level 40 in 30days \\ look how silly my profile is now more gold trophies then silver or bronze its pointless . cant call yourself a gamer if you follow videos of others work but some will go im a gamer ... its all EGO
  3. thanks once again NEKORAVE used this for my 2 vita stacks ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  4. you must be like the only player who has this issue . lucky u have that z3 speed boost to draw then ..
  5. if its that scary use a blank account and if u cant get that 100% then dont log in and sync - or if u this crazy pay someone to pass it for you HAHAHA i heard some do that too. idk whats the issue with the EGO TRIP but some have it bad LOL anyhow peace out .. good luck and go frog stars 101 - i just play ratas and eat my coffee lick my stake board
  6. sit down close your eyes and thinking to yourself should i get this or not. there is your answers.
  7. nice basic sega type feel nothing to major has some okish weapon types. 3 players to pick form. if your after total score this adds up and stacks.
  8. why does 1 data image eat a soul that bad . in order to go though it all .. the should answer the question
  9. who hahaha
  10. i never heard of this till now to me it seems boring - but if the person want to do it . do it . the ego needs feeding so feed there ego ... Borning and in there hearts they know its not what they claim
  11. you have done some good games on your list keep up the workย ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  12. Glad i didn't spend $112 nzd for a digi copy only to find all that out will buy on a sale but not full price at $112 nzd
  13. hahaha glad i did my 2 stack of that game its a weird one and confusing without a video for sure . Omni trows you some coffee and runs have a good one MMDE
  14. Oh it was that sever to ... yes i could pop a run that type of game DISH is like a speed run one more just basic ... anyhow i feel some what better .. so i can rest my mind .. just feels scary at times .. peace out my frog stars ...
  15. But you do never know if some smart cookie trys and reports it down the road would suck on my end thats for sure... but thanks that gives me some postive hope. the game it very easy . HaVe a good one and i do see u on the psnp discord a lot well i did ...