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  1. Nirvana trophy obtained easily Not sure what i did this time on my 3rd stack but i have max all skills and the thophie is not unlocking resetting the game. ill just start a fresh copy since its the very last thophie and just hope it works this time round.. think it was because *upgrade ONLY the main character to maximum.*
  2. good one my frog @ Bushido_Cypher
  3. some good plats you have done on your profile
    Keep up the good work..

  4. for the 100% the dlc where your stuck in that shop and u have to kill 100 can be brutal if your not a speedy type. but u can still 98% it for the plat 😛
  5. ocd or not you have broken rules just hide it and move on . get on the ps4 and just play legit its easy as once u learn stacks/vita tricks/ and have a good group of friends aka FROGS
  6. Good luck on your quest . i heard its 3 flags per profile. if what u say is true then i guess u will take 1 to 2 flags. if i was you i would move to PS4 because each trophie takes a photo. if u want more total score learn ratalaka games and stacks.
  7. like your fire on your profile avatar ..

    could you maybe help my Wizard have an ice spell Please


    1. Smashero


      :/ Maybe Sef could help? I do not have such power :D.

    2. Omni_Vocal


      going to speak to TeamSef thanks for sending me on the right quest hehe

  8. give it a rub and just hope the sound goes bling ... you got this my Wizard
  9. send me thophies . i will croc 3 with u all day my lizzard .
  10. im hyped up for this as part 1 was just fun .. Nothing to taxing but it still had secrets.. reminds me of like a Sega Game mixed in with newer elements ..
  11. looks simple - once you learn where the items are . didnt see any hard modes. but i might have skipped by to fast. as of a part 4 - ill have to buy and play at some stage .. COOL
  12. Played the na version no worrys . just did this eu version - three thophie where not unlocking till i closed game and reopened . that was 250 dash 500 dash and water death. Not sure on reason but happy to have it 100% and not stuck at 71%.
  13. welcome back MiloPro 

    1. DaivRules


      Back? MiloPro hasn't been to the forums since July 2017. A couple years have passed.

  14. Hi wizard 

    1. Smashero


      :D. Welcome, Amigo ;).

    2. Omni_Vocal


      you got some blizzard for my wizard pic hehe .

      yours looks so EPIC  😇