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  1. They are only on PS3 and Vita, but I'd recommend Project Diva F and F 2nd. They are very easy to platinum, and the first one is quick too. You don't need to touch extreme and you only need to clear all songs on hard with the lowest rating. The games are wayyyyyyyy easier to play than Future Tone, and way easier to plat than X. Those games ramp up the difficulty / platinum requirements quite a bit
  2. No platinum, and way too many damn Bronze trophies.
  3. I think Two Thrones is the best, personally.
  4. Would anyone be able to confirm that character the identity of the character that appears in the "Champion of Ivalice" trophy? It looks like Penelo, but I'm doubtful that it is her; consider that she already appears in the "Plunderer"trophy.
  5. Having achieved 100% four times for this game, I feel it is the hardest. The only trophies that come close for me are the ones that require you to defeat the wither and fully powering a beacon.
  6. Borderlands 2 100% Nice job!
  7. You've been hunting trophies for quite some time! Congratulations!
  8. The cow scene on the farm is driving me crazy! I really want to platinum this game, but I cannot figure out how to trigger that scene! 😫😫