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  1. Character tendency does carry over, iirc you can get it instantly as long as you're pure white
  2. Love the look, only suggestion would be to have it show rarity for psn/psnp, maybe after you've clicked on a game/dlc, as well as maybe a dark mode if there isn't one already. Let me know when this goes live, I'll definitely use it.
  3. This can also be used to get the 10k or whatever grind trick challenge for a bit of fast xp
  4. This is most of my steelbooks, aside from those that i keep with my discs, a good chunk are empty. I get most through gamestop, most stores will just give you extra steelbooks from pre-owned games, though since I work there i can just take them without asking. Hoping to find the steelbook for doom eternal when it comes out, since I don't want to drop $200 just to get the steelbook.
  5. I've been at the top of the seasonal rankings for Spring, Summer, and Fall, currently in Winter and closing in on an S rank workshop, but still haven't popped Premier Workshop, anyone else experience this?
  6. Won't be able to buy the controller separately
  7. Update: Got what i needed