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  1. This can also be used to get the 10k or whatever grind trick challenge for a bit of fast xp
  2. This is most of my steelbooks, aside from those that i keep with my discs, a good chunk are empty. I get most through gamestop, most stores will just give you extra steelbooks from pre-owned games, though since I work there i can just take them without asking. Hoping to find the steelbook for doom eternal when it comes out, since I don't want to drop $200 just to get the steelbook.
  3. I've been at the top of the seasonal rankings for Spring, Summer, and Fall, currently in Winter and closing in on an S rank workshop, but still haven't popped Premier Workshop, anyone else experience this?
  4. Won't be able to buy the controller separately
  5. Update: Got what i needed