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  1. No word on that yet unfortunately.
  2. It's definitely a grind (Especially the 500 revives). That said there aren't any glitchy trophies that I know of, however the plat it still unobtainable because of 4 trophies that cannot be earned due to the requirements not being in-game yet (objectives, feats and different world types). The only difficult thing would be the viceroy trophy as the game has been out a while now, the requirements for it have gone up.
  3. It seems having a milk producing cow was the deciding factor for the cow cutscene (for me at least). Got mine in Heaven year 2, spring 1, 6:01AM. The cow in question started giving normal milk near the end of fall the previous year.
  4. Yes, the platinum is achievable now, there was a 3GB or so update to fix the issue. The 'Hero of Avantia' trophy retroactively popped after I loaded then exited my 100% file.
  5. Yeah I think you're right, just tested it on 2 level 50 characters and was getting the same sort of gold on deity. I don't know for sure, but I think the 10% gold bonus I was seeing was just for gold earned in that level and I think you may get that for being the top scorer in an online game maybe? But yeah, I guess I really wasn't paying attention to the gold gains while exp farming 😅
  6. Does anyone know how these are unlocked? I noticed that I got a bunch on my 1st character but wasn't paying attention to things like what level it was, was it local co-op or online I did it in etc. Levelling my 2nd character now and the reduced gold rate is quite noticeable.
  7. .