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  1. i have reached rank 50 but i did not get the trophy! any solution?
  2. looks like it will be 2/10 or 3/10 for the plat. ! there is no 100% completion trophy so the platinum will be easy - i think "I Know My Land" trophy is grind - it requires to fog all the map ubisoft conformed that there is a difficulty settings...so you can leave those trophy until you leveled up to the max. level and set the difficulty to easy and i think it will be a piece of cake.
  3. i used a video guide but it didn't say that i cant access to it again if i finished the chapter!
  4. Shit! i hate those uncharted missable collectibles..
  5. Hey guys! i finished uncharted the lost legcay but i missed an optional conversations which in chapter 4 in the Queen's ruby location in which i can't access it without collecting all the hoysala tokens! i collected all of them in my first playthrough and when i started the second one "crushing" i have chosen to keep my stats but i can't access the place..! is there is a way to access the location or i must collect the hoysala tokens again? :"(
  6. Hey Guys! i'm having a problem here..my ps4 drops frame in Most of the games! an example...i bought *Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection* and AC2 worked fine...AC Brotherhood there was a little freezing in the game..AC Revelations there is drop frame not just once in a while but always! it drops every one or 2 min. but the cutscenes works fine even though it's playing from the engine of the game not a recorded video! Here is a video recorded from my ps4 that shows the drop you can notice it at 0:14...so that's normal? or my ps4 has an issue? i have my ps4 since more than a year! so the warranty is finished! And there is something strange! Gta V works very good! not even a single drop or freeze! "everybody's gone to the rapture" there was a freezing when is sprint..I always play when the air conditioner works so there is no overheating! so please help me because this issue is annoying me very much! i want to finish ac revelations but when i play and see the drop i turn off the game because it's so annoying...
  7. Hey guys! i was finishing the two templar lairs missions but i could not find "Templar Lair: Shopaholic" ! i finished the first one without any problem then i moved to search on the map for the second one and i didn't find it..then i got the location from the youtube "i thought i did not seen on the map for example* i went there and there is nothing! is these an issue - glitch or i must finish a Certain mission to unlock it ?
  8. If i missed a collectible during my first playthrough...can i pick it up later via chapter select?