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  1. There are no missable trophies. All came naturally during your playtrough
  2. Since this game will be free for plus for august , i was thinking of picking this one up. How difficult the platinum is? . How many hours are neccesary?
  3. I'm seeing that not many people has the platinum and i want to ask what do you think from the personal experience , how difficult really is and also if is time demanding.
  4. Since this game is free to pick up , i was wondering how difficult the platinum is. Any Missable trophies? . Is very time consuming?
  5. How do you rate this platinum? How many hours are necessary?
  6. I've heard it's a tough one, but is really that hard?. Very time consuming?
  7. Which is the estimated time to get the platinum?
  8. Hi guys, i was wondering how difficult the platinum is and how many hours of gameplay are required
  9. Hi guys, Since this game will be free with plus this month i was wondering how difficult the platinum is. Also, how many hours are necessary?
  10. Which one is the best between this and the first life is strange?
  11. Hi there It's any way to get coins without buying them?
  12. I've heard it's an easy platinum Can you guys relate?
  13. How do you rate the platinum from 1 to 10? . I've heard the game it's worth playing. How many hours do you guys take to get it ?
  14. Any ideas how to unlock this trophy? I've already completed the 3 missions and the trophy didn't pop Is it glitched?
  15. The glitch continues on 3/14/18 for PS4, i don't know about vita. Just finish the first level on time attack and infinity and then spam the x button until level 30 and 50 respectively