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  1. Well, Rave and Fairy Tail are his longest mangas. He also made some short ones, and we don't know how many chapters Edens Zero will have. YW ^^ Haha, that happens a lot
  2. Assassins Creed, Resistance Fall of Men and Devil May Cry 4 I also have Uncharted Drake's Fortune, but I'm not sure if I can consider it a "non-trophy game" since I downloaded the patch that adds trophy support 🤔 Edited because I forgot to mention DMC 4 😅
  3. My rarest trophy so far is "100% Complete" from Dragon Ball Raging Blast. Its rarity is 1.25%
  4. ...Well, it was fun taking part in this at least once
  5. Why? :C
  6. Nope. It doesn't have anything to do with Kingdom Hearts Haven't played any of the Sakura VN games ^^;
  7. No, but it looks interesting
  8. Harmony
  9. Yeah, I don't worry about it that much, either way 😅
  10. The manga's called Edens Zero. It only has 24 chapters right now, so you can catch up quick if you're interested Damn girl, you were 50% right. The character belongs to Hiro Mashima (Rave & Fairy Tail's mangaka), but he's from his newest manga, Edens Zero. Still, good work getting half of it right ^^ IDK what your avatar is supposed to be, but I love it. 9 out of 10
  11. Hey there, thanks for the welcome ^^. It's a big world, after all . Vaya, ¿sabes algo de español? Genial :D. Bueno, de alguna u otra forma estamos manejando la situación lo mejor que podemos, pero para muchos, es una situación difícil 😥. Well, the site is cool, and as I said, the people I asked to see if I could join their sessions in the past gave me an idea that this place has some nice people ^^. Yeah, I know translation can be a hard job if you don't find a good place where to offer your services, but I'll try to finish the career at some point and see what happens. I'm also interested in learning stuff about computers & everything, so maybe I could try mixing them both in the future, but let's just wait until that future comes 😕 Haha, at least you understand how it feels to lurk around somewhere. Let's share the pain together :'c Indeed, sports were never my thing. I tried playing footbal when I was little, didn't like it that much. In school, during PE, we played some other sports, and didn't like them that much either. The only sport I enjoy is swimming 😐 I think I don't like the simulation type of games cause I like games where there's a story, characters that can develop and so on. I actually never played a FIFA or PES game until my friend made me play some matches against him years ago. I still have some games on my list, so I'm sure I'll find a lot more games I'll enjoy. I never got to finish it because Cartoon Network stopped airing it, and the last thing I remember is watching some episodes where InuYasha goes berserk or something like that, but I'm trying to watch it whenever I've free time. There're so many series you want to check out, but you don't have the time :c. Debería hacerme un MAL en algun momento para estar al tanto de todo lo que todavia no veo y quiero ver. Thank you. Let's see what the future of this site has for me ^^ PD: I really love your Felicia avatar. She looks so adorable :3
  12. Yeah, that happened because I got the trophies when I didn't have an account, so when I ended up making one, I got the remaining/other trophies as well as the whole "missing timestamps" thing 😰 It sucks, but well, there's nothing I can do, right?
  13. Socialism
  14. Hello, PSNProfiles users. IceSoul21 here, but Ice or Soul is fine too I'm not good with introductions, but I'll try to come up with something good 😅 I'm from Argentina, but I know English too. Hell, I'm trying to become a translator after all 😆 Ok, so, how did you find this website? Well, I don't remember when I found this site, but I do remember that I was looking for some guides so I could get the trophies for one of the games I own/owned and found PSNProfiles and thought it was a nice website. I also sometimes found Boosting Sessions here and since I didn't have an account, I sent a friend request/message to the host of the session asking them if I could join the session, and they were ok with it, so, yeah, they were cool people ^^ If you check my profile, you'll see I joined more than a year ago, but I was just "lurking" around 😅 My story with gaming isn't that awesome, I remember having played Tetris (I think) in a portable console when I was little. I also played the NES (I think it was called "Family" here) and the Sega Genesis until both consoles broke/stopped working. I stopped playing for some time until my cousing got a PS2, and he was ok with me buying games & playing them in his console, which I did. Eventually, my parents got me my own PS2 and after a couple of years, they got me a PS3. I still have both consoles and they're both working. At first I wasn't into trophy hunting, but after playing some games, I thought "hey, trying to get the trophies is kinda fun, and that way you can make the game last longer, so, why not?". Another reason is because games are sometimes expensive here in Argentina, so I need to save up some money so I can buy them :c I like almost every genre, except sports. You can see I've a PES and a FIFA in my profile, but those belonged to a friend who brought them with him so he could play some mathces against me, and if it were possible, I'd delete them from my profile cause I don't think I'll ever get a football game 😆 I'm not that into fighting games either. All right, with my "gaming history" out of the way, what else can I say? 🤔 Hmm, well, besides videogames, I like manga/anime. I remember watching Dragon Ball/Z/GT, InuYasha, Rave, Ghost Stories, Naruto, One Piece (even though it was the heavily censored version), Zatch Bell among others. Even though I don't watch that much anime nowadays, I still watch some series when I've free time. What now? Maybe something about myself. I'm a lonely guy. I've friends, but we don't keep in contact that much right now because I had to leave my place so I could study a few years ago, but whenever I visit my place, we meet and talk a little ^^. Besides gaming, reading/watching manga/anime, I sometimes draw and I also used to make AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and post them on Youtube. Well, I think I said most of the stuff I needed to say. IDK if I'll be a "very active" member of the community, but I hope I can stay here for a long time and see the stuff other users come up with ^^. If you read all of this, then, thank you for taking the time to do so ^-^
  15. Thanks. It's from a new manga if you're interested ^^ I'll give yours an 8. I think it's really cute