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  1. Oh, those moments are indeed moments that make you feel uneasy since you know things are gonna get bad Yeah, I think I'd still feel nervous/uneasy if I played the game when I was little too. Our imagination as children can make it worse It's good to know your brother shares my opinion, haha ^^. So, it was one of those, "I've been here for such a long time that the music got stucked in my head" type of situation, Well, we all react differently, and I'll say that I don't like blood that much either (but only it is big amounts). Hope you're doing well in your job. After reading what you wrote, I imagined the sounds she makes and yeah, they weren't nice sounds I forgot the track that plays in the school. That's a scary one Yeah, I can see why you'd feel nervous/anxious when that happens in the game Guess I'll have to not loot more than I need if I ever manage to play the game Well, here's how I see it: even though we know what we're reading, watching or playing is fictional and not real, we can still feel immersed in it, to the point of feeling many emotions. The real world is a place where things are sometimes so messed up that none form of fiction could compare to it, but I think even when being aware of that, we can still feel, in the case of this post, nervous/uneasy or scared of what may happen for many reasons.
  2. Yes Marvel VS Capcom 3?
  3. Yes, I do Assassins's Creed Rogue Remastered?
  4. You hear it so much that you even hear it in your dreams. *Insert the "the horror" gif* I haven't played Chrono Trigger so I can't give an opinion about how good it is, even though I've seen a lot of people saying it's awesome. Whenever the music or any sound take place so suddenly, it'll always make you jump
  5. I got up to date with Miss Komi is Bad at Communication yesterday
  6. I was watching a programme and one of the questions the host asked made me remember something: if you live, or lived, in Latin America, and if you watched Cartoon Network, do you remember that years ago, sometimes during the commercials, an animated video'd be shown and the animated singer'd sing about the moon, and once the song ended, you saw Eustace and Courage (from Courage the Cowardly Dog)? Well, thanks to the question, I looked up the song, and really liked it ^^.


    You can hear it if you want, but the lyrics are all in Spanish:




      Corrage and the Cowardly Dog was the shit. I loved it.

    2. IceSoul21


      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY It was. even though some episodes were traumatazing 😕

  7. I think I played FFX when I was around that age too, but I liked the music when fighting Seymour. I thought it fit the place where the fight was taking place. And regarding Anima, I was the complete opposite: when I used her Overdrive, I thought "ok, what's happening?" and when I saw the other monster and how it started punching the enemy and finishing its attack, I thought "this is so awesome!"
  8. I went ahead and listened to the original track, and I actually liked it, but the, I think I could say, "screeching" really scared me. I apologize for my ignorance but I didn't get it. You got scared everytime the red screen of death showed up on your PS2 or by the video you watched that had that pop up scare? 😅
  9. I know this is late and all, but like the saying goes "better late than never", right? 😅


    Thank you for the follow. man ^^

    1. ee28max


      You're welcome, man and don't worry about it ☺

  10. No, but I'd like to get the game someday and try to get its platinum. Borderlands 2 (PS4)?
  11. Ok, I'll admit that having a dream where you can hear the music+seeing the sprite walking towards you, is indeed a bit scary. And regarding that commercial, my reaction is: what the hell Nintendo?
  12. I think I'd cry too. That music is not nice 😱 This is so relatable Since I don't have a PS4, I can't talk from personal experience, but when I watched some Youtubers playing the demo and reaching that part, I got really scared
  13. The alligators are indeed sudden, but that attack from The Sorrow wins IMO. Still need to play the HD Collection though ^^; I think everyone felt uncomfortable when playing RE 4 for the first time and reaching the part where The Regeneradores appear. Well, I own both Resistance 1 & 2, and now I know there's a moment in the game where I could feel scared.
  14. I can imagine it was :C. YW. Yeah, I think it's best to leave it in the past Hmm, I remember having played Pac-Man when I was little, but don't remember much of the music, so IDK if I agree with you 😅, but I imagine having the blaring music was like a hell to you. The poor toy couldn't handle all your need of good luck 😆
  15. Damn, that music is indeed unsettling. And the zombies's moaning and screaming must make that dungeon a not very nice place to go to