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  1. Newest :platinum:: Ratchet & Clank 2 Going Commando 


    2nd newest :platinum: and milestone for the 75th platinum: GTA V :dance: 


    Wrote some things here if you're interested:


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    2. IceSoul21


      @MidnightDragon Thanks, Dragon ^^

      @ShonenCat Thanks, Cat ^^

      @ihadalifeb4this Thanks, man ^^

      @DamagingRob Thanks, Rob ^^

      @Honor_Hand Thanks, Honor ^^

      Regarding your question, IDK if I was lucky or what, but didn't run into any issues that could screw me over with hackers 🤔. I did run into an issue once when me and a group were boosting,  where I had no ammo for any of the guns when I did have some before. But other than that, nothing major or anything, fortunately.

      Still, if you don't want to take the risk, then do that and boost it with your friends 😶

    3. Honor_Hand


      @IceSoul21 I see. :hmm: I might probably do it with friends on a private match just to be safe. 😶 Thanks for the info of the online there. :)

    4. IceSoul21


      @Honor_Hand Yeah, I think that'd be the wisest choice. YW & good luck with the boosting once you start it :).