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  1. I know I usually post a status update when I get a new platinum and all, but I'll do something a bit different about this one.


    I've been replaying some games in my 2nd account. I finished & platted the GoW Trilogy and finished Splatterhouse 2010 (still need to finish it on Hard difficulty) recently, and it sucks that the game never got a sequel since it ends with a cliffhanger.

    Yes, I know the game has a lot of issues: load times, bugs, the combat becomes repetitive and so on, but it's still an enjoyable game if you just want to have some gory fun.


    I mean, if they made a sequel, they could improve all the things that received criticism, and they could do something similar to the plot of Splatterhouse 2, where SPOILER JUST IN CASE: Rick goes to the Underworld or something and tries to find a way for Jenny's soul to return to her body while taking out Leonora's soul, and when he succeeds, they make a 3rd game (following SH 3's plot) where the Corrupted somehow return and attack Rick's family and he has to wear the Terror Mask once more in order to protect his wife and son.


    IDK, I just felt like sharing this despite the game having come out more than 9 years.

    1. Spaz


      I think an issue a lot of people have is they automatically compare an older game like Splatterhouse to a newer game on the PS4. Obviously with a lot of PS3 games there are loading times, inferior graphics, gameplay that is seemingly repetitive, so on and so forth.


      Splatterhouse definitely fills that itch that has been mostly missing this generation. Vanquish, Lollipop Chainsaw, Bayonetta, Shadows of the Damned and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West are all good games in their own right that I would classify as AA titles, rather than AAA games. I definitely feel these games were more original and creative in what they set out to do, unlike a lot of AAA games this generation that just seem to copy each other more or less.


      Your feelings are like my feelings with Sleeping Dogs. That game's premise and purpose were done well, and I think a sequel for it would be pretty awesome. Sadly the company who made the game is gone and went out of business. Much like LA Noire from Team Bondi, we will probably never see a sequel to Sleeping Dogs.

    2. IceSoul21


      @Spaz That may be true, but I think these comparisons aren't fair, since it's obvious that games'd be better in the newer consoles/generations 🤔.


      Out of the games you mentioned, I've only played Bayonetta, though I do own Vanquish but haven't done much wth it, while I'd like to buy the other games, but I either can't find them on the stores (Enslaved, SotD) or they are expensive AF (Lollipop). Anyway, yeah, I feel these games tried to do something "new" and succeeded.


      Damn, that sucks. Hasn't anyone bought the rights/license of the game or aything? And hey, who knows, maybe the future will surprise us