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  1. Well, this is my very 1st post in the forums, so I apologize if this isn't in the right place. Anyway, I got curious about something: I was thinking about Silent Hill and how cool it'd be if someday, they released a (good) HD Collection of the games. The Collection'd include SH Origins, 2, 3, 4 The Room & maybe a Remaster or Remake of SH 1, but when I thought about it, I remembered a part of SH 4 that always scared me, and kinda still does to this day, and that is the sound the ghosts of the victims make when you use the Sword of Obedience to stop them from moving & attacking you. Something similar with SH Origins and a certain sound it has when you're in the Asylum, where it is like a high pitch that ends abruptly and starts again immediately. Another sound/music that still makes me feel nervous is when The Regeneradores appear in Resident Evil 4. So, as the title says, in your case, have you ever played a game where something similar happens to you?
  2. Yes, it's Zack. I watched the anime time ago but stopped after episode 3 or 4, but since we're all in quarantine, I thought I should continue with some animes I stopped, so I started AoD again and finished it. And yes, I know he's a killer and all, but that smile was precious
  3. Looks like an old anime. Doesn't look bad, but it's not amazing either. 6.5/10 😅
  4. Got these 2 recently:
  5. Badass. 9/10 ^^
  6. Ok, this sounds interesting . I own: RE 0 = haven't even started it. But I intend to the get the . at some point. RE 1 Remake = started it but haven't gotten far. Still, same deal as RE 0. RE 5 = got the Platinum years ago, but it has missing timestamps so IDK if it counts. RE 6 = same deal as RE 5. RE Revelations = finished the campaing time ago + same deal as RE 0 & 1. RE Revelations 2 = haven't made much progress but same deal as 0, 1 & Revelations 1 once I finish the campaign.
  7. Ok, the last one made me laugh 😆
  8. Hi, PSNProfiles users. I recently finished DmC Devil May Cry in my other profile, and after seeing how it ended + seeing the DLC Vergil's Downfall ending, it got me thinking "man, even though the game has its years, I'd like to see a sequel". So, I got curious and thought it'd be interesting to see what other people think about it. Yes, I know the game received criticism when it was 1st shown and even after it got released. But still, I'd like to know what you think
  9. I'm sorry for reminding you about its existence 😥
  10. It took me a few minutes to remember that that was part of Dante's & the Succubus "conversation" 😓 That's fine. I was just curious to see what other people think about the idea 😅
  11. So, to anyone reading this, I've a question: if you've played the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, should I play Victory after Mk2 or viceversa? Cause I've read that Victory happens after Mk2, but it's a spin-off and it wouldn't matter how I played them.

    PS: haven't played the 1st game since no store I have gone to has it + it's expensive AF if I wanted to buy a copy online, so, do I need to know the story to "100%" enjoy V/Mk2? Cause I also read that Mk2 is like a reboot? 😕

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    2. mecharobot


      Game is terrible and annoying to plat due to missables, but it does have some of that pioneering charm and I prefer some BGM in it over latter remixes. Also you can only get certain characters (some DLC) in PS3 games, afaik. Haven't played Rebirths myself. In latter games characters even broke 4th wall and said they just retconned stuff, like how the original world worked vastly different with they floating sky islands etc.


      Not a game I'd recommend to anyone, but it's somewhat rare so it's nice to have along MkII which isn't available at PSN store in Europe.

    3. Honor_Hand


      @IceSoul21 Yeah, judging by how many people I've read it from, I don't think they can be fake at all. If anything, they sound pretty real to me. 😅


      I know how that is. Winning the lottery would probably fix most of my problems immediately too. xP


      Now, even with how terrible the game can be, I'd still be willing to hunt it down and gave it a go, even if only to check out how the series originally started. Despite all the issues it may have, it still is a unique game. Just be mindful of the problems and approach with caution at it. Don't expect to be blown aside by the first game. :P

    4. IceSoul21


      @mecharobot So I guess I'd need to have a guide or something at hand so I don't miss any. Well, guess I'll check the DLCs at some point and see what they are.

      Haha, the fact that the characters break the 4th wall is something that always makes me giggle, so I think I'd like seeing that.


      Yeah, it'd be cool to have, but it's so expensive ☹️


      @Honor_Hand It's a shame they didn't release pacthes or something to fix all these issues and instead did a remake. I mean, t's cool the made the remakes and added/changed stuff, but it sucks that the OG HDN remains as a game with so many problems :c.


      Mine, yours, pretty much anyone's problems'd be fixed wit the lottery xD.


      I agree. It's always nice to see how something started and seeing how later creations improved on the "negative" aspects of its predesessor.

      I'll keep that in mind if I ever find it/can buy it 😅


  12. That's the thing I want to see: how'd the story conclude, and I agree (I love the main series), but seeing more of the development these characters would be interesting.
  13. Ok, you made me laugh with the "Swiss cheese" part 😆
  14. That was the main issue. Calling it a DmC game, if they made a new IP, changed the character's name and said "it's inspired (the combat at least) in the DMC series" then I guess people'd have liked it more/being more open to a saga/series. Well, yeah, that'd happen, but I don't think OG Dante'd be okay with killing them. I think Vergil is most likely to do so, or not. IDK if he changed after the events of DMC5 since I haven't played it.
  15. I mean, I think it'd be cool if somehow OG Dante goes to the other universe and has a fight with DmC's Dante and then leaves after "testing" this other version of himself. That's fine, we all have our own opinions. I mean, I think the story had potential to continue and develop the characters/gameplay more 😅
  16. I...don't think that could happen 😰. In my case, I played all of the OG DMC games before the reboot (except for Dante's Disc in the PS2 cause for some reason, it never worked), but was willing to give the reboot a chance once it didn't cost that much. Well, Dante develops a througout the story, right? So, maybe calling him a prick applies only at the beginning of the game? And regarding the story, I mean, in this new universe I think it made some sense 😅
  17. He looks cool. 8.5/10 ^^
  18. I haven't played DMC5 since I don't own a PS4/Xbox One or a powerful enough PC, but if there's more story they can tell after DMC5's ending, then, yes, they can continue with the main series.
  19. Keijo's OP "DREAMxSCRAMBLE" I watched the anime some time ago since I was like, "what the hell is this summary"? So I checked out and ended up liking it 😄. Needless to say, it has a lot of fanservice 😅
  20. I liked it a lot too, and I think it has a lot of potential for a spin-off series if done right. I'll be honest and say that when I watched the 1st trailer, I didn't like new Dante that much, but I did like how he developed throughout the game, going from a guy who doesn't care about anything to someone who cares for Kat and decides to be the one to protect humanity. Regarding NT being part of Microsoft now, you never know. They could release it at some point and after a year they could announce it's coming to more platforms. That's ok. I just wanted to see what other poeple thought about it. Maybe since I've not played any other NT game, I didn't feel the same way you did when you played. I'll agree with that and say that the part of the 1st mission when the wig lands on Dante's head and he say "not in a million years" was uneccesary and "mean" to the OG games
  21. Yeah, it'd be awkward, but your idea of Capcom giving NT control over it and making it a spin-off series sound pretty good
  22. Newest :platinum:: Strider


    So, yeah. After a while of not being around, I ended up playing Strider & getting the platinum :P.


    I hope that whoever reads this is doing ok and is safe, due to the current situation the world is in right now.

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    2. IceSoul21


      @ihadalifeb4this Thanks, man ^^

      @DamagingRob Thanks, Rob ^^

      @Honor_Hand Thanks, Honor ^^

      Pues sí, el mejor momento para jugar y continuar o retomar cosas que dejaste 😛.


      Bueno, me alegra saber que dentro de todo, las cosas están "bien" allá . Y en Argentina, bueno, muchos comercios cerrados, poco se diferencia mucho del resto del mundo, supongo 😕. Es que esta situación, a pesar de "haber advertido" lo que podía ser, cuando llego dio un impacto todavía más inesperado.

      Tú también. Cuídate y buena suerte para ti y tu familia 🙂 

    3. Honor_Hand



      Sí, lo de los comercios cerrados y poco movimiento también está por acá. Es más o menos lo mismo en el resto del mundo. De verdad que el impacto ha sido muy fuerte, sobre todo en el hemisferio norte del mundo, lo cual me tiene un tanto confundido. En Asia, particularmente en China, parece que lo tienen ya controlado. Por lo cual me extraña todavía más el efecto que ha tenido en este lado del mundo.


      En fin, esperemos que mejore pronto. Muchas salud para ti y tu familia también. :)

    4. IceSoul21


      @Honor_Hand Aunque hay algunos países que parece "vuelven" un poco a la normalidad, siguen teniendo cuidado con esto. Eso es uno de los misterios que tienen las enfermedades/virus, a veces la cosa se calma rápido en donde se originó mientras que en otros lados es lo contrario 😕.


      Veremos que pasa, ya que parece que está para estar un rato más.
      Igualmente, Honor. Cuídense mucho y buena suerte

  23. Strider (PS3) Strider Master Earn all trophies in Strider Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Rarity: Rare (13.09% here on PSNProfiles) So, I saw this game being on sale for a really cheap price, so after watching a bit of it on Youtube, I decided to get it. Now, I'll be honest & say I know next to nothing about Strider, since I only played one of the old games when I was younger but never finished it cause it was hard and because my english wasn't that good at the time, so I probably didn't understand much of the plot. I did, however, use Strider a lot in Marvel VS Capcom 1 or 2 (can't remember which). Anyway, while I was playing the game, I looked up Strider's story to know a bit more about him, so at the end of the day, I guess I'm more familiar with this cool looking ninja after many years of knowing nothing about him. PS: I love characters that wear scarfs 😆, so maybe that was the reason I chose him so much in MVSC. Back on topic, the game was fun. Short, but fun nonetheless, so if you're interested, I'd say give it a chance if you find it at a cheap price 😉.
  24. Only got this one like 2 months ago: And I got Thief, Okami HD & Strider from the PS sales they were having a while ago. Also, IDK if it counts, but I bought Vergil's Downfall too.