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  1. Are you sure about 2 missables? According to powerpyx there is only 1 trophy missable. The Masterchef trophy it’s not missable because you can buy all the recipe on Sophia shop later in game. Can someone confirm it?
  2. Hey guys, i have forgot to mention my 2x and 3x point games. I have already contatted @Psy-Tychist and he let me post my multy point games even if the deadline is already ended.Sorry to everyone about that. Double point game 1 - Wizardry labyrinth of lost souls (PS3) Double point game 2 - Class of heroes 2G Triple point game - Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters (PS3 NA version) Psy-Tychist
  3. #70 First platinum of the year Enjoyment 8 Difficulty 3 Time to plat 70 hours
  4. First platinum of the year Score: 100+54-14.41-10+ 50= 179.59 points
  5. Played PSX version back in the days. I don't Remember well but i think It wasn't that good. Happy to give a second chance.
  6. Totally unexpected. I have platted the first on an older account and it was a nightmare. Hope they made a better one.
  7. That’s the One i Miss. Thanks a lot, you’re a lifesaver
  8. Hey guys i have an issues with the tenth skill of doll. Actually i have 9 skills with her , i have maxed out every One to lv 3 and i have found every grimoire (i have obtained the trophy of the chest by the way). Where the hell i find The last skill? That’s the list of the skill in my possession: Crescendo Foxtrot blade Marionette string Spinning heel Calvary waltz Mistral epee Principal Whip Illusionary gavotte Coppelia order If someone know where i find The last One please let me know, it’s The last i Miss before the trophy.
  9. Like @Leon Castle said, i'd like to join the competition.
  10. Hey guys, about the Trophies of the Golden and Golden mini crown e, which Monsters doesn't count? I' m pretty sure Rajang don't.
  11. If you are the one Who run the next one can u sign me up?
  12. Really? Too bad , i wanted to join this year but i was late and the sign up was already closed. Can i contact someone?
  13. Hey guys , i want to join the 2021 edition, there Is already a topic?can someone send me the link?
  14. #69 Atelier Ryza Atelier Ryza Earn all Trophies Enjoyment 6 Difficulty 4 Time to plat 40 hours
  15. 1 - Milestone 75 Platinum 2 - 3500 /4000 and maybe 4500 trophies milestone 3 - Try to get the most rare platinum on my list (below 1%)