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  1. #62 Persona 5 Legendary Phantom ThiefEarn all trophies. Enjoyment: 10 Difficulty: 4 Time to plat: 135 hours, 55 minutes Hardest trophy Great Phantom Thieves ConveneMax out all Confidants.
  2. #61 God Wars Future Past Mythology scholar Obtained all other trophies Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty 3/10 Time to plat 80 hours Hardest trophy Only because i had some trouble with the final boss, the rest is just grind, grind and more grind. Arbitrator of the Gods Cleared Chapter 4.
  3. Dragon quest XI
  4. #60 + 100% DLC Nioh You Are NiohObtained all trophies. Enjoyment 9/10 Frustration 10/10 Difficulty (base game) 5/10 Difficulty (DLCs) 8/10 Time to 100% 268 hours 13 minutes Hardest trophy The Final StandCompleted all "Siege of Osaka (Summer)" missions on Way of the Demon.
  5. Thanks for the info, i' ll be extra careful then 😃
  6. Thanks that's ok then, but i have read of some missable Trophy on dissonance of Nexus too. Can you confirm?
  7. Hi guys, next month i'll start this game with Friends, i have read both trophy guide ( this One and the One on playstationtrophies) and i noticed some differences about missables. In this One there are not trophies marked as missable , instead in the other there are 23 missables Trophies most of them story related. How the hall Is possibile? Someone Who as 100% of the game can clarify for me? Thanks in Advance.
  8. A Long Journey Begins Completed "The Man with the Guardian Spirit".
  9. #59 Dark Cloud Dungeon Master Collect all of the other trophies. Enjoyment 6 Difficulty 3 Time to plat 25 hours Hardest trophy A Rare Catch Catch a Baron Garayan fish.
  10. #58 Star Ocean First Departure R The Ocean is Yours Collect all trophies Enjoyment 8 Difficulty 4 Time to plat 90 hours Hardest trophy Timeless TreasureReceive a gift from friends three centuries in the past.
  11. Day 1 for me, disc version, all the accessories, Godfall, Spiderman and Kena.
  12. Dragon ball fighter Z
  13. Your Avatar... I mean Valkyrie drive 😂