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  1. Series Stacker bonus is +100 max.
  2. Fall 2022 / 2023 , ridicolous. They partnered with geofront , the translation of zero Is already done, why the hell we have to wait so long? Lazy.
  3. The party characters are different for each main character. Probably you can play the NG+ with the same protagonist. If you switch character you have to do everything from 0. That's s all only in my opinion of course.
  4. I was referring to pause the game with "start" button not the menu with triangle. As i can see , pausing the game with start button stop completely the clock.
  5. Guys i have a question about beating the game under 12 hours: If i pause the game the clock stop?
  6. No difficulty related trophies, that's good
  7. Thanks, i change the double point with Tales of Arise.
  8. I don't want to point the finger, i'm not twelve, but someone have platted 3 remastered in few days, ( likes 3 days) remastered of games of PS3 era. Get a Platinum of a game in 1 day or more it's pretty impossible without importing old saves. Anyway i prefer to end all of this now, @Psy-Tychist please erease my last update post.
  9. I did not " coincidentally" change by My will, as i written before i changed because i broke My ps3 and My 3 double/triple was on ps3. What the hell is wrong with you guys? Did someone stole your favorite Toy? I have already said that i don’t consider intergrade as a double point bonus(or even good to this contest at all), what else can i do? However i’m not the first One to use autopop in this competition but it doesn’t seem to me that anyone has made a fuss about that.
  10. Ok ok guys, calm down i haven' t kill anyone, if it's a problem i'll change the double point game, same thing a with autopop. No problem at all. Same things Will Be applied with cheap RPG with Platinum pop After few hours tough. I'll wait for a response of @Psy-Tychist
  11. Update 100 + 70 - 50 + 50(new game bonus) + 50 (speedrun) = 220 X2( double point game) = 440 points Total points so far : 2058.25 @Psy-Tychist i'm not really sure about speed bonus because Psnprofiles is not fully updated by now. Let me know if something is wrong
  12. #75 Final Fantasy VIII LionheartObtain all trophies #76 NieR Replicant The Final VerseCongratulations! Thank you for playing! #77 I am Setsuna 雪の世界の物語すべてのトロフィーを獲得した #78 Lost Sphere Tale of Memories and the MoonAll trophies earned. #79 Oninaki Cycle EverlastingObtained all trophies.
  13. Update Oninaki 100 + 70 - 28.13 = 141.87 Total points so far : 1618.25
  14. That's cool to hear. That's my new choice: 2X games Final Fantasy VII remake intergrade Final Fantasy IX 3X game Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age
  15. I'll wait for a confirm, if i can swap all 3 it's pretty cool