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  1. #56 Golden CompletedEarn all trophies Enjoyment 9 Difficulty 6 Time to plat 97 hours Hardest trophy Hardcore Risette FanHear 250 of Rise's navigation lines
  2. Hardcore Risette Fan Hear 250 of Rise's navigation lines Finally, the nightmare is over.
  3. That's cool but i have only Friends online.
  4. Thanks, i have 2 other friends to play with
  5. Hi , i want to know of the online still working in 2020. Both vanilla and Delta version.
  6. Hey guys i have started this game today but i have a question, i'm concerned about Hardcore Risette fan Trophy and i'm asking that: what's the best difficulty to start on? I know very Easy it's not raccomended because the party become too levelled skipping a lot of line, it's best normal or Easy difficulty? Actually i'm playing on Easy but i think i'm levelling too fast( i'm in the Castle dungeon)so i'm not sure it's a good idea to continue. Please, someone share some thoughs.
  7. #55 Trials of Mana Trials of Mana Obtain all trophies. Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty 3/10 Time to plat 50 hours Hardest trophy : none TBH but if i have to choose one it's Rabite TrapperDefeat Black Rabite.
  8. Really? I didn't noticed. That's cool, thanks!!!
  9. Ok thanks, maybe the last One Is on early dungeon, unfortunately Flemmy can't reach everyone of them.
  10. I'm in the final dungeon now (Dark Castle) but there are'nt Lil cactus at all. Maybe the final dungeon Is another One?
  11. Hey guys i have trouble with this Trophy. I have found Lil cactus 48/50, i miss the last two and i can't find them. I have double checked every area and nothing. Is this missable by any chance? Or maybe the last two are in postgame?
  12. There Is a ng+ ?
  13. Maybe the third playthrough Is entirely on hard difficulty?
  14. Or maybe it's a new super secret boss, but After all the shit i've been went trough beating FF VII remake on hard, i'm not afraid anymore, at least here the lv cap it's not locked at 50.
  15. Anise Is the final boss or the super secret boss? Because this Is the only Trophy that make me worry.