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  1. P4 golden or Disgaea 3
  2. So, both trophies are hard to get?
  3. In my country only Gamestop, sadly.
  4. Preordered today, i’ll put together with my ps4 anniversary edition and my ps4 monster hunter limited edition. 😍
  5. Me too. How many DLC will come out?
  6. Any news about the DLC trophies?
  7. I have a question: If i fight Rodyle with a party of pg with total lv 144 i'll get the title? The exp i gain beating Rodyle does't count, right?
  8. #19 Darksiders Warmastered edition BFA Unlocked EVERYTHING! Enjoyment 9 Difficulty 3 Time to platinum 50 hours This game is fucking good, very Zelda like, the platinum is easy even on apocalyctic difficulty except for Silitha Boss fight, pretty frustrating. Raccomended to everyone who like Hack'n'slash with RPG elementa and puzzle solving.
  9. Cyberpunk 2077 Deep down
  10. I didn't like it, graphics was bad( but it's a port of a ps3 game so that's ok) i liked the character design(elf girls 😋) music ok, the worst part is the BS, with an AI (both enemies and NPC) ridicolous. I don't raccomend it, you can find better JRPGs.
  11. More trophies? Nooooooo
  12. #18 Shining Resonance Refrain Shining Resonance Refrain Obtained all trophies. Enjoyment 6/10 Difficulty 3/10 Estimated time to plat 45 hours This game sucks. Thanks to Satoshi Ookami, Adulocia and other guys for the tips
  13. Level up 10k times? 😅 It look a festival of grind
  14. Thanks, I need only to know which monsters drop the tuning. Maybe a special monsters?
  15. Anyone know where i can find all the tunings? I have already completed all of Fernando request (the last one i completed is at the beginning of chapter 8, i dunno if there’s One more in the post game) but the trophy doesn’t pop up, i think i miss one or more. Anyone has a complete list where i can found them?