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  1. In few days i'm going for the plat with some Friends. There are issues with online coop? I don't want ti repeat the mistake made with toukiden.
  2. #31 Nier Automata Final Words Thank you for playing. Enjoyment 8 Difficulty 4 100% Ni No Kuni II Solosseum Supremo Awarded for an S-rank Solosseum Slog clearance
  3. So, what s the best style of not Ding Dong dell'? I thought It was the best choice. Can u tell me the Styles i have to use with all 3 characters?
  4. I hope you're right, the last boss of 2nd dlc was a pain in the ass on hard difficulty. Anyone can confirm there are not difficulty specific trophies?
  5. Final fantasy IX
  6. #30 NieR The Final Verse Congratulations! Thanks for playing! Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 3/10 Time to plat 75 hours Well, i don't know where to start... This game is a masterpiece. I have loved everything of this game, the BS is ok , the OST is probably one of the best i have ever heard in 30 years of gaming, the story is heart touching and the graphics, even if it's probably the worst part, i didn't mind at all. The platinum is not hard , 4 run are required to see all endings, there are some missables and a lot of grinding for materials. The only regret is not having played it during the ps3 era, a real fail by my side. This and Deadly premonition are my favourite games of the previous generation. And now Automata... 😱
  7. Dogged rider (Final Fantasy XV) - beat all the 3 course of the snowbike with Prompto Chocobo rider (Final Fantasy X)- chocobo mini game, a hellish one, tryed for an hour without getting it, My friend got it with one try 😖
  8. I was wondering why on ps4 the rarity of the platinum is over 20% and both ps3 versions are about 6% each. Ps4 platinum is easier? In which way? I thought both games was the same since the trophy list is the same
  9. I've read it on the official page of Bandai Namco on FB.
  10. According to what the developers said , they’re still working on dlc contents , no mention regarding the release date.
  11. #29 Senran Kagura Estival versus How I Spent My Summer Vacation Obtained all trophies Enjoyment : 7/10 Difficulty : 2/10 Time to plat : 15 hours I'm not very fond of musou like games but i like Japanese girls and i love big oppai. Game done ;P
  12. # 28 Tales of Vesperia Definitive edition Enjoyment 8 Difficulty 5 Time to plat 170 hours The only tales i haven't played in the past cause of the rarity of the game. The game itself is pretty good, it took me 1 month and half to plat because of the blind run first and the 3 others playtrough then (it's full of missable and i have missed a lot).
  13. Got it. You have to sleep outside of Jumanju and go back with Flynn in party. Same thing with Judith and Karol for the titles.
  14. Guys i have a problem, i can’t find the valuable item spike armour, according to the guide i receive the item during the hot spring event; i have triggered all 3 events, get the titles but no spike armor. Where exactly am i supposed to search? If i return to Jumanju nothing happen anymore. It is glitched?