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  1. #23 Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus thank you for playing!! すべてのトロフィーを獲得。 Enjoyment 8/10 Oppai level 100/10 Difficulty 2/10 Time to plat 25 hours I love JRPG, i Love Hack'n'slash and i love boobs, what else? Oh yeah , i need a girlfriend 😒
  2. With PC yeah 😂 I'd say FF XV, lot of fun DLCs 🙄
  3. That's brutal too
  4. Star ocean 4 (ps3)
  5. #22 (and trophy #1000) Dragon quest XI Living Legend Awarded for earning all available trophies. Enjoyment 9 Difficulty 3 Time to plat 119 hours Simply the best JRPG of 2018
  6. #21 Tales of Symphonia : Dawn of the new world True dawn of the new world You have obtained all the trophies. This truly is the dawn of the new world! Enjoyment 7 Difficulty 5 Time to plat 100 hours This is the second Tales of i have platted on this account, i have platted it before and played back on the days on Wii. I have enjoyed the game even if the first symphonia is better in every aspect: Better graphics(i love cell shading) same music and better gameplay, revisit the same dungeon of the first, even if extended, is pretty cheap. The platinum is A LOT simpler respect the first but some trophies missable(skit of all) are a pain in the ass. Even the bonus dungeon is a pain, long and boring. Raccomended to any Jrpg lover? of course.
  7. I will change only if there aren't major issues with games and app. I'll wait for people trying the beta.
  8. I don't rush but I like to plan my next Milestone.
  9. I have the same problems, I m playing the EU version, I have cancelled and re installed the game more than once but nothing. I have also contacted the developer but never received a response. This game is cursed.
  10. Aran, like a villain in a Dragon quest manga of some years ago.
  11. There is a NG+? I want to play this masterpiece blind on first run, I don't want to think about trophies. If there are missables but a ng+ isn't too bad.
  12. Dark souls III
  13. I have seen some of your video of blackhart, it’s good to know the gameplay was on extreme, for sure i’ll play on hard The level cap is fixed on 99?
  14. Are you playing on hard or extreme difficulty?
  15. #20 Tales of Symphonia Symphonia Master You have obtained all trophies. You have mastered Symphonia! Enjoyment 8 Platinum 7.5 Time to plat 160 hours One of my favourites Tales of, there is no word today to describe this masterpiece born on GC 14 years ago. The platinum it's not that hard but it's pretty grindy ,long and full of missable ,it take 4 complete run minimum but if you screw up(like i did for one single item) you'll be obliged to start a new semi/full playtrough. Before start i raccomend to read a trophy walktrough because if you did not it take even 9 entire playtrough (ore more) before you obtain the platinum. The only downside are the minigames, cause of clunky controls some are pretty frustrating and take even hours to complete. Except that i raccomend to every lover of JRPG to play this game, despite the age you'll not be disappointed.