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  1. #37 Tales of Xillia 2 The mark of complete Xillia 2 mastery. Thanks for playing! Enjoyment 6/10 Platinum 5/10 Time to plat 105 hours Probably one of the worst tales of , i've preferred the first Xillia by far. Still an enjoyable JRPG.
  2. Anyone know if this is the last DLC? Or maybe there are more in future?
  3. #36 Tales of Xillia Lord of Xillia The mark of complete Xillia mastery. Thanks for playing! Enjoyment : 8 Difficulty : 3 Time to plat : 61 hours
  4. #35 The legend of heroes : Trails of cold steel II The Ashen Chevalier Mastered Trails of Cold Steel II and earned every trophy. Enjoyment : 9/10 Difficulty : 4/10 Time to plat : 108 hours
  5. Preordered one copy now 😎 Death stranding, cyberpunk 2077 and now this one , i need a bigger house now😂
  6. Same trophy list. PSNprofiles need only to add the PS4 tag with PS3/vita tags.
  7. I’m waiting spasmodically the release of the game on the US later today. Already charged My cart with 50$ 😃
  8. Exactly, no preorder.
  9. Same thing happened with first tocs , no digitally preorder on PSN, the only way to get is wait untill 7 June , the day of the release.
  10. The game already translated, both ps1 and psp version have come out to the west. I hope we will get the second story one day.
  11. Ok , Thanks for the fast reply 👍🏻
  12. Ah, i see, i thought the crucible was the last dlc... too bad 😒 The new dlc has a release date?
  13. How the hell i am supposed to get this armor? As far as i know i have to beat the crucible; i have done everything including beat Wicked k , i have Also purchased every armor at the vendor but still no armor. Am i doing something wrong?
  14. #32 The legend of heroes Trails of cold steel Cold Steel Conqueror Mastered Trails of Cold Steel and earned every trophy. Game 8.5 Difficulty 4 Time to plat 100hours One of my favourite JRPG of the past generation, I have platted on old account and platted again on my new account and i have enjoyed every minute. This time on PS4 but the graphic boost(4K and 60fps) is non existent respect the ps3 version. I have enjoyed the 4x speed though. Musics and BS are top like most of the other games developed by Nihon Falcom. I can't wait June to play the 2nd and this fall to continue the saga with the release of the 3rd chapter. #33 Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Platinum Trophy Acquired all trophies. Game 7,5 Difficulty 8,5 Time to plat 108 hours Here we are, this one is probably the hardest platinum on my profile. This is a decent game but it's hard and grindy as hell. Doing this solo is pretty much impossible, some boss or boss rushes are very hard with monsters that kill you in 1 or 2 hit ; the first thing to do is to find 3 other good players (fortunately i have 3 friends) doing a decent build set (2 warriors, 1 mage and 1 priest to cure and buff the party are highly raccomended) and start grinding materials to power up weapons and collect monster cards (dropped by monsters) to increase strenght, defense and varius ability. Unfortunately there is no level up progression, the only way to become stronger is to find new weapons or monster cards but the drop rate is very low(for the most low than 1%) so prepare to grind the same battles over and over. By my account i had on my party a veteran of this game and thanks to that i had cutted a lot of time, if you are playing the game with other friends of the same levels or if you're not import the cards from the previous game prepare to grind for more than 200 hours. I really laugh when i see some completion time of 2 or 3 days(someone completed the game within 18 hours ) For anyone who want to start this game and follow the trophy guide on this site, add 1 or 2 point to estimate difficulty, if u are tryng to do solo it's probably a 10/10, that's beacause some of the most powerful card were nerfed with latest patch making this platinum a lot harder.
  15. In few days i'm going for the plat with some Friends. There are issues with online coop? I don't want ti repeat the mistake made with toukiden.