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  1. The real race will be to produce a Platinum Walkthrough and Trophy Guide
  2. I think of it as a bit like the lottery, where the smaller prizes have the better odds of winning them. So the top tier might be (say) 1 in 25 or 1 in 50, mid tier around 1 in 15 and the bottom tiers represent about 95% of all prizes (about 19 out of 20) I have won a Tomahawk, a $400K Lamborghini, a Pagani, a $350K rally spec and top credits prize twice, 500K and One Million credits, playing everyday since launch weekend. A few days after new vehicles were launched I won a Subaru BRZ S '21. I have won 12 car parts (used none of them) and 2 Invitations to buy. Most tickets yield 2000 credits, some at 5000 and fewer 10,000.
  3. So it was destined to win, but never did?
  4. I wonder if the categorisation of cars in other games might be helpful? Project Cars 3 has the 1989 Sauber C9 Mercedes Benz in Group C. A little concerning if we have unnecessarily dropped 3 million CR. Classic LM is where you find some of the other cars being speculated 1965 Lotus Type 40 Ford 1967 Ford MkIV 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 1971 Porsche 908/03 Spyder 1970 Ferrari 512 S & Ferrari 512 M 1970 Porsche 917K 1971 Porsche 917 LH
  5. No it isn't When Patch 1.3 was implemented the requirement for the trophy was to find all locations. And the cry babies who were almost done with the game still didn't know there is a detailed map that tells you exactly what you've missed
  6. Suggested EDIT: Press X multiple times to start the game. EDIT 2: Press X repeatedly in place of holding R1 to mix it up a little. Fun Fact: This technique is known to some as the My Name is Mayo Melancholy X Mash
  7. After 11 events on the current calendar, my Community Ambassador trophy popped. I started playing this game late in 2016 so about 4-5 years ago I would have done the other 9 events. I guess what I am saying and likely confirming is that trophy tracking and meeting the requirements is actually done on your local profile / gamesave file.
  8. As at year end 2021, Project Cars has Community Events restored (you need 20, new event each week and there are about 50 scheduled at this time) so the Unobtainium is restored to Platinum (possible). It is about 100 hours of gameplay and boosting is almost mandatory for the Multiplayer. Project Cars 2 difficulty is about the same but shouldn't take as long. You can even slide down the number of events each season from Full to Short (some miss this opportunity) which halves the time in each Tier (Year) of Career Project Cars 3 is very easy compared to the first 2. Platinum is barely 3/10 difficulty and it should take no more than 30 hours plus about 2-3 weeks playing RIVALS online within a single month. The DLC makes it even easier but most issues (like unlocking your preference for the next tier of racing) can be solved with in-game currency.
  9. This can be played even easier by setting Difficulty to lowest (Beginner) and then turning off everything that influences the ball, such as wind and the firmness of greens and fairways. Later, I changed my settings so Wind Shaping of the shot was part of the shot preview and what was already extremely small adjustments while playing for other trophies became something you no longer had to think about. Just Grip It and Rip it so you can blast through rounds of other trophies
  10. Yes, this will be the solution for most I was going into my Network and turning it ON / OFF / ON again, in game you need to then reconnect and you can move on. But the Replay system seems to be the root cause
  11. SPOILERS WARNING This details all NPC questlines
  12. It's best to start the campaign from scratch, at each new higher difficulty. It makes no difference to XP or even 'Highest Difficulty Completed' statistics which order or difficulty you get missions done. Some will replay each mission at progressively higher difficulty, getting all collectibles and optional objectives as required, before moving on to the next mission. The 2 Overwatch missions can be played at Cadet difficulty, one time, if each partner can get all collectibles as either Sniper or Operative. The different multiplayer modes can be completed and count towards the trophy even if you are the only player in a private game. Just keep moving to avoid Idle time-out. You can save up to 4 weapons loadouts. Each new level contributes to unlocking weapons and explosives and med packs in the initial loadout, plus improved skills in the Skill Tree to level 30. Switching up difficulty increases XP given (except Authentic Hardcore / Authentic Plus, which are the same XP). One trick is when mastering weapons, you create a save point and replay that point to get 100 headshots, 10 Grenade in belt shots, shots over (or under) X meters, and play that scenario at the highest difficulty you can manage. The start of Mission 1 is excellent for a lot of replayed shots at Authentic Hardcore which will rapidly increase your XP. For example, from around 40-50 meters from the truck that pulls up alongside the first camera. Save a Check Point. Any shot on the explosives as the truck stops will get points for the truck, 4 troops, sound mask (the plane flies overheard) plus bonus points for ghost kills, etc.
  13. Your save file will experience an issue if you have DLC and it isn't installed. Reported in forums many times. My best guess is: It doesn't know how to handle a Loadout that includes a DLC weapon in your Save File.
  14. Do one thing for each weapon towards Mastery. This shows you have used it. At least one time. There is a rifle LEE ENFIELD that can only be obtained by helping the Partisans when they are in a fire fight. One location is Mission 2 as they advance to the Church. There is a battle on the far side of the map from where you start the Mansion mission. At the Watermill. Make sure you get a kill with FG42 equipped to elite Jager troops
  15. I hope you have this solved already But the answer is: You find ammo and explosives around the map (in caves, camp sites, bunkers, defense posts, out in the open, near stationed troops) but mostly by looting bodies