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  1. *Update* Just started the game after posting. The level 50 unlocked after my next race. I then replayed one of the final chapter 3 races (previous re-runs had not worked) and the chapter 3 trophy popped. Nothing different than any previous attempts. Just seems to be purely random if or when they pop.
  2. Started on January 7th on latest patch. Currently playing through ps5 career, completing all events all in 1st place before progressing. I am about halfway through chapter 4. I have two bugged trophies, so far. The chapter 3 completion trophy and the level 50 trophy have both failed to pop. I have had no issues with some of the other problem trophies. Such as 10 clean laps, and the £1m. So that's a bonus. Although with no chapter 3 pop. I am now pretty discouraged to finish this playthrough, as I am quite confident I will not get the "all events" trophy.
  3. 76. I'm a little burnt out to be honest. So will probably come back to it next week
  4. I've seen a few people already mention it, but the arrangement is dependent on skater style. So there are 3 patterns, dependent on street, park or vert. I am going to assume you may have missed the one that I struggled to notice at first. I was convinced I had checked everything. On downhill jam the 1st stat point for vert styled skaters is right at the start. Situated on a high platform on the right. You have to air up to it the very first hump I typically pick all street characters when playing so didn't even remember this spot was there. It was only when I started going through other characters (vert/park) that I saw it
  5. Yea apologies. That’s why I was throwing “about” about 😂 I have just actually timed one of my little runs and I’m getting between 150 and 155 for 45 seconds worth of play. Combo landed is usually between 1 and 2 million each run. of course you can run a full 2 mins to hit the score cap. But an extra 1m15s worth of play for an extra 75 points is not as efficient Too be honest whichever way you approach it, it’s a long ass grind for xp. So do whatever is not gonna burn you out! GLHF Yea man. I saw your edit after I had already posted so I couldn't retract 😁 I'm still on the old style. Apart from sounding like a jet engine, so far (touch wood) no crashes. I left it for a 6 hour lip stall 😂 just lucky I think. All these extra lockdown gaming sessions have not done the old console any good
  6. Indeed. As mentioned above, I have done these using that method. I just did it on skate park over the last few days. Letting it run while I went to work/bed etc. Luckily I did not experience any crashing. But as I mentioned, although the experience gained is definitely helpful. It barely scratches what is required for 100. So I wouldn’t recommend rushing these out.
  7. Sorry not sure if this has been covered but I have seen a lot of people mention 100 multiplayer games are required for plat. This is not actually true. This is a challenge that requires you to complete 3 out of 4 objectives. Forgive me, I don’t know what they all were as I’ve finished it, but you can skip the 100 mp matches and do the other 3 tasks
  8. Ha. No worries. I don't know why I didn't work it out quicker. I'm all done now! Yay. Looks like I'm joining the many who are chasing the final level 100. GLHF!
  9. I turned them on to knock out the remaining gaps. It's worth turning on for some of the 10hr challenges. Especially given my play style. I don’t think I would make 10hrs of lip stalls in my lifetime! I will say, I have cheesed the 10 hours on each (some overnight stalls etc) and the 5k they give is very nice but it still barely dents the xp grind required for 100. Only 25 levels to go and it looks like it's going to be a pretty long slog 😂
  10. I'm a fool. The 600 point gap is the grind version
  11. That's the one I figured that may be the case. It just seemed odd that I had the higher scoring of the two. I'll keep plugging away
  12. I'm sure there are better ways, but I have been doing as follows. Free skate - Skate park - All mods activated Given the xp scoring caps, as soon as you load in, in one combo, lip trick the nearest pipe for 10 seconds, revert into a 10 second manual around the pool, then grind the pool for 10 seconds. When the 10 second grind is up. Spam grind mod buttons to boost the combo up, land. End run Rinse and repeat Free skate has some strange scoring that counts your last combo/trick as a run. So do not do anything else other than end run once you land. It's also important to just do one of each trick for the 10 seconds. As the xp is awarded on length. This nets about 175xp for about a 40 second run. I've seen other methods that net more but they seem to take longer I appreciate this is "anti fun" to some people. But a grind is a grind, so hopefully this may help some
  13. Thank you, thank you! Can you believe I watched your video and hit the rail 2 kicker 2 rail 2 bench on my second attempt! Super pleased, as I have just been sat here for the last 1hr with fruitless attempts I finally managed to trigger feed me from one of the lower entry points. Actually right next to the blue rail from the above combo I have an unusual issue with the gutter 2 San dieguito roof. There are 2 listed. One for 800 points and one for 600 points. I have hit the 800 point one now 8 times but not triggered lower scoring one. Any idea what I am missing here!?
  14. Then came the Skate Heaven gaps 😂 I forgot about some of these Finished the got there's, thinking that would be the true challenge. Alas, no Kudos to all who have hit these so far. Still can't trigger feed me gap. Despite many successful attempts into the area Rail 2 kicker 2 rail 2 bench might actually be the death of me!