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  1. @Lumin nothing should be deleted, no awful game, no boring game, no uncompleted game :/ congrats on ur completion. Respect!
  2. definitely Forza, quantum break and gears of war
  3. not yet but planned for it Watch Dogs 1?
  4. ive got 29 UR trophies, and they're all from 9 games: -Race the sun -Mortal Kombat (vita) -UMVC3 (vita) -Twisted metal -Wipeout 2048 -COD Bo2 -Resident evil revelations 2 -battlefield 4 -Killzone :mercenary
  5. what a great post! u just made me plan to get the game, thanks m8
  6. Mirror edge (ps3) for 30th plat sold it long time ago and now just realized that this game is an appropriate one to be part of the milestone! so im waiting for a sale around here. heard that the countdown missions need a lot of practice,so hopefully i dont give up
  7. 1,752 unearned trophies. i bet ill reach 10k unearned trophies lol
  8. for split screen, would recommend 'A Way Out' and 'Resident Evil 6'
  9. inksplosion ps4 AS version platinum trophy
  10. brilliant idea! wish they would do it
  11. RIP game. really sad couldn't finish the online trophies. hope they make a new one soon
  12. 5 hidden trophies from winning eleven 2012 . hided this game because i didnt want it to be my first game played, but then i regretted of that and i wanted to unhide it but i realized that it'll ruin my whole milestone. unfortunately, it'll stay hidden forever
  13. UMVC3 vita. just dont give up on the 'Master of Tasks' trophy then ull be totally fine with other trophies. be in mind that this is gonna be ur rarest plat trophy if ull get it
  14. the Trailer has just released today check it out!
  15. Alone with you bought it for 2.5$ (bundle) and still regretting . its an easy plat but takes around 25h, plus its boring af and u have to keep ur eyes on a guide in order to get the plat (for collectables and other shit stuff)