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  1. No, there's one more Coming if I remember correctly
  2. https://sirusgaming.com/the-quarry-trophy-guide-how-to-get-platinum/
  3. Np, all Good, yeah, I just need the newest 3 trophies and 18 more ranks, Haha
  4. Damn, is there a good way to get levels Now?
  5. Does this still work? Does it work on digital or just disc?
  6. I've never actually played Ape escape before, is it a hard game?
  7. The Swort art online games are pretty good
  8. Cool, thanks, will definitely give both a try when I get the money
  9. Thanks, how hard/long is the plat for Tales of arise?
  10. Was thinking about buying this or tales of arise, I would also be curious to hear some input on hard they are to plat
  11. I did both versions on Ps4, I don't remember it being too ridiculous in difficulty
  12. I can't see any of them for free on the Vita
  13. Hong Kong
  14. What does Ir and Bt Mean?
  15. I'm interested in starting this, looking for people to grind the Trophies with, my Psn is x_xDarthAndyx_x, message or add me if you're interested