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  1. Hi all. I have 100% on the PS4 version of the game and the respective save. Did someone hear some news about the autopop of trophies? I’m sure that I can transfer the save, but I can’t find if the trophies will pop.
  2. I’ve beaten this part without using the Panzerhund at all. I think that using it is a very good way to get killed, you are a lot more safe if you kill all the enemies from the spawn area by leaning out with your AR. I upgraded it, making it a semi auto weapon and I just killed everyone from the spawn section. When I didn’t see or hear anyone coming, I’ve carefully advanced to lure them to my position then I returned to the “safe” spot until everyone were dead then I advenced to the factory section and I did the same thing: advance to lure the enemies a retreat behind the bulding, hide behind the corner of this building, lean out and face the big entrance, most of the enemies will run to you from this door and you should kill them easily. Be careful that some Panzersoldat might come to you from the right, so be careful.
  3. The Blackout Characters are a pain to unlock, you’ll need a lot of luck
  4. Definitely The Last Of Us. I’ve played it on my other account. One of the best games I’ve played. I did go for the platinum but there were too many multiplayer matches to stand.🤣
  5. Mad Max Complete all Challenges. In this game there’s a trophy that requires you to complete all 294 Challenges. You have to complete the game 100% to do it and do sone other stuff in combat etc., and whoever played it, knows what it means. Well, I completed every challenge and when I freed the last outpost, I was waiting my trophy, but it didn’t pop. So I looked at the statistics : 100% completion, 293 Challenges because it didn’t count the LAST outpost. So I did another 100% playthrough and finally it popped. Fortunately my 100% profile was safe.
  6. This happened to me, too. Every deluxe edition bonus is gone.
  7. Aaaaaand I finally got it!!!!!!!!! Need to thank @BigBossImBeamer for his incredibly useful giude on YouTube. Good luck to everyone.😉
  8. I failed half an hour ago at end of the Venus level because the game crashed. God******!
  9. After many hours I definitely managed to master my way to Venus. Now, only two levels left to master. Mein Leben Trophy, here I come! If someone wants some advices just ask, I’ll answer as clearly possible.
  10. Fallout 4 - Nuka World Bioshock:Infinite - Burial At The Sea 1/2 Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina’s AC Origins - The Curse Of The Pharaohs
  11. Hi, everyone. I know that I can create a session but I cannot see it on my game list because it’s hidden in my PS4, and for this reason I cannot create a session, so I’m writing here. I’m looking for good players to help me with all the DLC Easter Eggs. I’ve alredy done The Final Reich one with a friend, a year ago, but he doesn’t play anymore. In a recent sale, I bought all the DLC to obtain the trophies because I want to complete it 100%. I can do most of the trophies by myself; in fact I play Zombies from 2010 so I know how to play, but the Easter Eggs are easier with a team. If you want to help me, or if you need to do them, send me a message. I really appreciate every help. I’m Italian and, although I have some skills, I believe, in writing, understanding and speaking English, I’m not a native speaker so I may have some trouble to perfectly communicate with you. For this reason I prefer Italian players, but if I‘ll have to communicate in English I’ll try to do my best. Thanks in advance to everyone that wants to help.
  12. I know there’s an icon. In fact I wrote that I went in all the places with an icon. In my map, in the level, there are no more icons but I need one more location. I triple checked the map, so I’m totally sure that is has no icons left.
  13. Like I wrote in the title, I want to complete all the challenges in Hitman 2😁. I’m currently playing the Marrakesh level and I don’t know how to complete the challenge “Explore Marrakesh”. It requires you to find all the locations in the level. The map helps you with a specific icon that indicates the undiscovered locations. I visited every location in the map twice and still I have 22/23 discovered location. So I need one more place to complete the challenge but the map has no more icons. Can someone help me? Did you encounter this problem too?
  14. Yes sure! In the PS4 XMB there’s an ivon called Community. Press this icon, wait until it loads, then go to search and write Call Of Duty, then use the filter and put Japanese in language. The PS4 will find all the communities related to COD in Japanese, then find the communities that have IW as main game and join them. Inside the communities there’s a Menu called Now Playing: there you can see the players that are playing IW in that moment, open their profile to see if they’re Japanese then join them, win 5 matches and the trophy’ll pop.
  15. I played on Japanese Servers for about 2 hours. I won 5 matches over 8 played and when I did the fifth victory the trophy popped. The method works. Play in Japaese Servers, win 5 matches and the trophy will pop. If you have trouble to find Japanese players, search in the Communities, join to a community and as soon as you see that someone is playing join him. Hope this will help you guys!