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  1. Yeah, we are in the same boat. Use links in the thread to attract more attention. Reddit and bug report site. Also you can ask friends to participate.
  2. Lets do some pressure
  3. Its 14 days old. We need new one
  4. Keep spamming on reddit or bug report site, also it good to ask for this friends. I've asked 2 pals to leave a bug report
  5. Thx for testing 👍 Yeah, looks like we need to wait for patch.
  6. Post a message on reddit
  7. Thx, I understand. Will you check normal 10 chars from 0 to 10 lvl?
  8. What do you mean 10 accomplished characters?
  9. So the trophy Altoholic bugged in Ragnarok and High Roller in atlantis?
  10. It will be available later.
  11. Extreme ManhuntComplete a Seasonal Manhunt on challenging global difficulty (or above). Is this for prime targer (Keener) or first officer will work?
  12. What do you mean? They should be fixed in 1.0 version. Game was realesed yesterday on PS4. I dont care aout ps3 version.
  13. What the hell it is? I hope this and infinite emp grenades are fixed or else this plat worth nothing.
  14. Are those heists available already? Or only arcades + vehicles?
  15. So how is the situation with this trophy? I heard they didnt patch it and made harder to acquire even with workaround methods.