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  1. Just finished Wolfenstein: New Order it far suprassed my expectations and the best game I have played this year.

    1. StrickenBiged


      I've just started my second playthrough for the collectibles. I thought it was ace too! The guns all felt awesome. And some think SP FPS is dead... Pah!

    2. Agent-Oranje


      Haha Call of Duty does that to other fps'!.

      I loved how they incorporated elements from Wolf3d into this one. The only thing missing was BJ's head looking left and right.

    3. StrickenBiged


      TBH this is the first Wolfenstein I've played since the original, so I missed Wolf3d. But I agree that the face at the bottom of the screen should make a comeback, it was a fun little thing.

  2. Don't worry about what other people might think. Play what you want to play, plat what you want to plat!
  3. Far Cry 3, still havent gotten around to buying it.
  4. Can anyone from the AU/NZ region give me a hand with the Cod Ghosts extraction trophies on ps3?

  5. Fear 2. Very crappy game.
  6. Going start my hardcore play through for dead space 2. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    2. Curb


      I would seriously consider purchasing the Supernova DLC pack. One of the included suits gives you +15% health from all medpacks, which is enormous, and it gives you access to a Contact Beam right from the start. The altfire is incredibly handy when being mobbed, especially when it's maxed and has the stasis coating. Plus the spare ammo can be sold for quite a hefty sum.

      Other than that, know that the combat isn't all that difficult. Most of your deaths will come from the in...

    3. Curb


      instakill/context-specific sections throughout the game, so I'd structure your saves to anticipate those. For example, I died a few times in the factory sequence on CHapter 8 and in the similars equence during Chapter 14, but only from actual combat once or twice.

    4. Agent-Oranje


      Thanks for all your help :)

      I only managed to get a couple of hours of free time and I managed die anyways in chapter 4. Need to find a day where I have nothing to do and I should (hopefully) get through it.

  7. I know NGS3 must've been friggin hard but Im jelly of your NCIS plat. I LOVE that show!!!!!!!!!!! Still havent played the crappy game lol
  8. That must have been a very long time ago! Our recent history is filled with wars and skirmishes. The constant π or Pi is an endless non repeating decimal point. 3.141592653589793...... it goes on. If the numbers are converted to ASCII text, every possible word can be found somewhere in the infinite decimal places. There may even be fully formed sentences, and maybe even paragraphs. Your entire life story can possibly be found embedded in the numbers.
  9. Another year, another amazing season of NCIS. I hope ths show never ends

  10. Its taken 24 years for me to finally get glasses. I now see the world in HD!

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    2. mattie_medusa


      How does it look?

      I tried glasses once went from HD to SD :/

    3. allenbird


      haha...if you think glasses are should try contacts.

    4. MrCostari


      Then why do people wear sunglasses to look cool, Allen? What makes you cool these days?

  11. MW3 kill death ratio : 4.00! And just passed 100k kills. Overall a great weekend!!!

    1. mattie_medusa


      Nice! I'm almost at 10k I don't play very often though

  12. Good to see a sizeable demographic greater than age 18!
  13. Killzone 3 Not half as much as a challenge 2 was. Final Fantasy XIII-2 I enjoyed the game for what it was, Having a monster as 3rd member was pretty cool.
  14. Bulletstorm. I heard this game was a hidden gem last year. I wanted to get it when it came out, but was ridiculously busy last year and now the online is pretty dead for me to plat.
  15. Finally got all 160 fragments in FF13-2!

    1. Ayrtanium100


      Great job. took me a while to find all the monsters. the rest was easy except the **** hands of time

    2. Agent-Oranje


      it took me a while to figure out how it worked but by then i found a website that would work it out lol

    3. Ayrtanium100


      i had the limited ed guide book to use so i kept track with that