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  1. Took me around 3 - 5 hours if I sat at it in one go
  2. After reading the past few posts. Sorry to say that is how I got mine to pop, replayed every single episode from season 3 for two days before "Funeral for a Ford" was released on a new save. It is abit of a pain, but should work unless they bring a patch out.
  3. Just finished one: Beyond two souls That brings me up to 16
  4. Creed: Rise to Glory
  5. I'm a thug: GTA V Given me the motivation to finish this series off.
  6. I'm still in the same boat.
  7. Thanks
  8. How do you find out the end time for each service?
  9. I would of expected it after the last episode due to no Get All Gold in episode
  10. I've checked that I have 187 medals. Which episode did you do?
  11. I didnt get it, I was thinking I play through the last episode again, would it unlock or could I just replay the last
  12. Just finished Batman: The Enemy Within, that should put me up to 15
  13. Where can I find the trial for it?
  14. Batman: Arkham Knight. Will eventually finish mine soon.
  15. I've just tried it with may and not reloaded 3 times. Haven't got it sadly