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  1. Finished Life Is Strange 2. That should bring me up to 21 plats & Out of time
  2. I’ve just replayed all of the scenarios. Anyone have any idea how to unlock it? Thanks
  3. I’ve just replayed all of the scenarios. Anyone have any idea how to unlock it? Thanks
  4. Hey I should be put under original gangsta now Along with notorious & pretty boy GTA IV GTA San Andreas
  5. Sweet, just hold out till then, thanks for the quick response
  6. It’s the last one I need I need for M7 Scenarios trophy but it starts me with the train 0.6 miles away when the clock strikes so I get an instant fail. Any tips?
  7. Hey, I would like to submit my list! I currently have 21 letters This would give me 'Gamma Collecter' I believe. # 36 Fragments Of Midnight A Way Out Bully Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Detroit: Become Human Everyvodys Gone To The Rapture Fallout: New Vegas Guitar Hero Live Heavy Rain Inksplosion Jak II K L.A.Noire Minecraft N.E.R.O Orc Slayer Pro Evoultion Soccer 2019 Q Red Dead Redemption Sleeping Dogs The Wolf Among Us U V Wheels of Aurelia X Y Zeroption Invasion
  8. I have a few that need to be added. Game of Thrones The Council The Walking Dead: A New Frontier The Walking Dead: The Final Season That'll bring me upto 20 and give me the Ever Vigilant & Still.Not.Bitten award
  9. Tried it on 2 sims now. Was wondering if Backyard is actually needed due to it being part of a dlc? Thanks
  10. Took me around 3 - 5 hours if I sat at it in one go
  11. After reading the past few posts. Sorry to say that is how I got mine to pop, replayed every single episode from season 3 for two days before "Funeral for a Ford" was released on a new save. It is abit of a pain, but should work unless they bring a patch out.
  12. Just finished one: Beyond two souls That brings me up to 16
  13. Creed: Rise to Glory
  14. I'm a thug: GTA V Given me the motivation to finish this series off.
  15. I'm still in the same boat.