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  1. Hey kibbitz, thanks for the reply - ok, well, that's ok, i think for now i am good. but again, much appreciate the communication.
  2. hey kirby, sorry for only now getting back to your message but first time in a while i log onto this site - the log in page has changed i noticed. anyhow - i would not mind trading the oblivion goty - it is black label one no red on the spine or anywhere on the case that i can see. mortal combat sounds kool. is it the komplete edition. otherwise, am only interested in l.a. noire. anything else you have as of recent that you could offer. i have NOT at all played oblivion. it is as new as when my sister mailed it to me. hasn't even seen the inside of the slim ps3.
  3. OT - I just wanted to say, siuiarun, I really like your avatar. a classic.
  4. it means my good sir that i am an idiot for for buying them and not even bothering to set them free from their carbonite prison. oh, sorry, wrong movie! i meant shrinkwrap!
  5. eh, * they CAN hang-out in the daytime as long as they stay in the shade?! * of all the things they can take up or get up to with their stupernatural powers, they play baseball?! * instead of flying or shape-shifting into a bat, they drive?! uh, yeah, eh - none of that nonsense, thank you very much. niet! yes, i agree.
  6. oh well - life goes on.
  7. Daywalkers on SyFy or Chiller. Pretty dodgy - BUT much better than those so-called, poseur bed-wetter things that pass for "vampires" on the Twilight films.
  8. eh, in weeks or months?
  9. indeed. well, the only difference between us then is that i just don't have the follow through to actually load them onto the ps3 and not play them, lol!
  10. gow origins and dead island goty. although i may return the dead island goty later this month in exchnage for the uncharted 3 goty. thank you best buy.
  11. eh...31 out of the 35 or so i own. most all still shrink-wrapped. :\
  12. so furbeach - did you get a chance to make the game review we discussed in chat?... looking forward to it - would you mind PM'ing me to i know where you end up posting it? cheers fb!
  13. BETTER OFF DEAD. quality. just now watching the re-make of The Fog. tragic nonsense. why oh why does hollywood insist on remaking quality originals and replacing them with utter tripe? none of the poo hollywood produces today can even get near to John Carpenter's original gem of a masterpiece.
  14. cheer me on, guys and girls, as i try and dust off the ol black box and resucitate my gamimg time! its been too long now!

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    2. Nasty_Rory


      Indeed :) When suits amigo.? You asked about the Fermanagh weather - well thankfully its autumn now so the dry season is over. There was talk of hosepipe bans and water conservation measures as it we went without the precious rain for 10 days from June to August. People didnt know what to do. Shopkeepers were even talking about selling shorts and t-shirts and bikinis but thankfully those thoughts soon went out of their heads!

    3. hunglikeamuppet


      Hmmm, how about next week on Wednesday or Thursday...hmmm, I realize I am now -6GMT behind you. I can game as "early" as 8pm my time. Poo, though, if it puts you out any, I mean, have to stay up very late to play a game. But what are your thoughts, squire?

    4. hunglikeamuppet


      BTW - hey man, send me your email via PM, and I'll forward you a photo or 2 from Austin, TX. Or hey - if you have an iPhone and the WhatsApp app, I can messg you them for free. Technology = good.

  15. Soundtracks to Double Dragon and Super Mario Bros from the NES. especially love the music in Bowser's castles; unsettling but reassuring. i also like the gow series' music.