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  1. A Cut Above Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking.
  2. Any of you guys have canned soup
  3. 10/10 Listening to it daily, and its alternate version
  4. Naughty Bear
  5. Ashanti
  6. His avatar is the main character of the game I'm currently playing
  7. which is very
  8. Nah, Konoha's a bro
  9. Doesn't like looking up 2B's skirt 😏
  10. Deadly Pair Clear the game with Lady and Trish. The Best of the Rest Clear all missions in Human Mode with an S ranking.
  11. A true maid never leaves their master's side
  12. Symphogear
  13. Granted, Iris Heat gets beat up and bullied by the true sadist Haru I wish I had the strongest and coolest persona in the universe
  14. on channel 50