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  1. Electric
  2. Arrested because learning never stops throughout life
  3. Banned for having exactly 3000 points of posts than my rep
  4. Yes GTA 3?
  5. Yes, probably a youtube video Do you save the hardest trophies for the end of the game or another playthrough?
  6. Tejina-Sempai
  7. local shop turtles or hamsters?
  8. Yes Do you want to save the rain forest?
  9. Wouldn't it be gold?
  10. we all may
  11. ship would you rather be reborn infinitely or die forever?
  12. when I was like 14 I seen a few eps Fire Force
  13. xxxHolic
  14. Fun guy to be on the forum with
  15. Ever17
  16. Mitsuru Kirijo 😍
  17. Raven (Teen Titans/Injustice)
  18. Nope Contra
  19. Wale