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  1. Love
  2. bittersweet Would you like to be in a drag race?
  3. Blamed for not having a cat in your hat
  4. Arrested because corruption breeds evil
  5. well hidden and very safe Be an artist or dentist?
  6. Turn-based SMT or Final Fantasy?
  7. yes have you ever keyed someones car
  8. unlike the Saiyans
  9. Didn't he help Walter White?
  10. No Do you watch daytime TV judge shows?
  11. Banned because your avatar is from Redline (i think)
  12. Added another wife to bring my harem to 3!
  13. Ships galore! Only took around 130 cubes
  14. Three more down Shinovi Versus & Estival Versus (vita) & Bon Appetit!
  15. # 41: SENRAN KAGURA BON APPETIT! (HANZO X CRIMSON SQUAD) Thank You for Cooking!! Obtained all trophies of the Hanzo x Crimson Squad pack. This game was cool. The songs were okay, I wanted to play this for years and finally got around to it. The grind to 20 songs was pretty long though, just to 100 would have been fine. My favorite songs were Ikaruga's, Katsuragi's, and Haruka's. # 42: SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS How I Spent My Summer Vacation Obtained all trophies. I already got the plat on PS4 so I wanted to do the vita version after finishing Bon Appetit! My favorite characters to play as were Ikaruga, Kagura, & Jasmine! Praise Hometown!
  16. Patiently waiting for Taihou, here's some ships in the meanwhile.
  17. Persona 3 MC & Mitsuru Kirijo Minato was depressed and apathetic towards life like me and through meeting the cast of P3 he started learning to live again. I'm the exact same through meeting the characters in this game and spending time with them, it made me also learn to start living again. Mitsuru is my favorite character in this game and seeing her always on top of her game and try so hard in turn has me wanting to do they same. Every-time I feel down I play her theme and or battle quotes and they giving me the energy to do things even if I don't want to. I love Mitsuru a lot she's my favorite character in fiction.
  18. Got this from some collection (can't remember which one) Ten roll, then 3 singles the next day
  19. Super
  20. They never earned any of their platinum's
  21. Banned for not heeding my words
  22. Blamed for being right 😂
  23. Xenogears
  24. Arrested because surfing is illegal because they're sharks in the water