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  3. Aardwolf
  4. # 10 : ODIN SPHERE LEIFTHRASIR Odin Sphere Obtained all trophies! This was pretty interesting. When I came into it I just wanted to play a quick RPG with a fantasy element. I never expected a great story with characters that felt so human. The action was quick but was pretty fun especially in the later segments. The boss fights where all pretty cool. Its fun to play a game where every character functions differently so no 2 characters feel the same. The only regret I have is that Odin wasn't playable.
  5. Mysticism
  6. Banned for being best planeptune megami
  7. Welcome & enjoy your stay
  8. why am I not dead yet
  9. because we are
  10. Worthless
  11. Banned for joining this site on my birthday
  12. #9 : Tales of Berseria Champion of Berseria Proof of conquering the world with Velvet and company. Thank you for playing! This game was really fun my 2nd Tales of game I ever played. Story was interesting, characters were great, and the world felt alive. I can't wait to see what the next game in the series will bring. Here's the screenshot of my platinum and the back of best girl in her swimsuit.
  13. Love
  14. yield
  15. The story is good just a bit repetitive going for all endings I liked this story more than season 2 of the anime If I'm reading this correctly no it's not. It takes place around the time frame of episodes 1-6
  16. Trap
  17. Dangan Ronpa V3 UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st]
  18. Most def use trophies pics as avatars I remember in the 360 days on Gears of War if you got the Seriously achievement (10,000 kills in ranked) you got a gamerpic for it
  19. Waifus are cute
  20. I just started playing again after a little break when NA came out. Add me if you want. These are my teams NA 335,676,335 JP 791,773,902