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  1. Ichigo (Bleach)
  2. reliable, tight, but rope would you rather be a a god of knowledge or war?
  3. Wasn't that over 20 years ago?
  4. Black Spy iSpy or Scramble?
  5. like dogs and
  6. No Do you believe in fate?
  7. This shitpost isn't even funny
  8. #40: MURAMASA REBIRTH Master of the Oboro Style! Obtained all trophies! This game was pretty fun. Torahime was my favorite character in the game. I have the dlc so I'll be completing them later. Might plat Senran Kagura next.
  9. Cop Craft 1-3
  10. Nope, have it but haven't started Nier: Automata?
  11. have a loud name would you rather be an assassin or a diplomat?
  12. Arrested for not crossing dimensions into my game
  13. Banned because you should try to change your ways
  14. Blamed because that means even I can be one
  15. Nike
  16. No Do you want to visit other planets?
  17. yes Have you ever been to a haunted house?
  18. Can that AI be 2B?
  19. I can't change my certain tastes. I can pet a stray cat
  20. Catherine
  21. they wish to