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  1. Hollow Knight
  2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  3. Call later Would you rather be a super hero or villain?
  4. Banned because repentance is for suckers
  5. Blamed because Lil Nas X has taken over
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  12. Can we get there by going through The Land of Shadows?
  13. they missing because
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  15. Sleepy
  16. No Have you ever ran a mountain trail?
  17. I can't weasel myself into important conversations I can leave a conversation
  18. New retrofit Bought a dorm slot
  19. #39: PUNCH LINE Your rank went up! Your new rank is "Punchline Master!" Get all trophies. This game was easy and fun. I remember watching the anime years ago. One more and I'm on platinum #40. ♫General Liberal Deflation Spiral Natural Mineral♫
  20. Finally got the rest
  21. Punch Line and Rabi-Ribi