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  1. Yes, it was awesome
  2. Young Justice
  3. Eden of the East
  4. Rage of Bahumut
  5. Geto Boys
  6. Yes Do you want to fly a kite?
  7. Banned for not giving in to temptation
  8. Zero Time Dilemma
  9. Groza (Girls Frontline)
  10. Blamed for being a prude
  11. Orpheus
  12. Find a new one Would you rather keep evil in your soul or make a clone to house it all?
  13. Arrested because I'm not a doctor
  14. No Have you ever bought drinks for everybody in the bar?
  15. By comedy do you mean Greek comedy?
  16. My target is approaching the entrance
  17. like Bonny and
  18. Yes, when I was younger I never used to do everything so I felt that it was a waste of money to by games because never complete the whole thing. So now I try my best to complete everything the game has to offer.
  19. I agree that's it's about what classifies as cheating. For me it's not getting the trophies normally. like I have the MW Remastered platinum, I used the veteran glitch, to me that's cheating because I never actually beat the game on veteran. I don't actually deserve the plat because I never did it legit. To me what I did is no different than using cheat codes. I honestly feel that if you don't use cheats/glitches versus others or hack the trophies out right than its all fine.