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  1. Bullet Girls & DragonballFighterZ
  2. Fairy Fencer F
  3. Xenobia (Lunar)
  4. No Have you ever been on an electric skateboard?
  5. Yes, I am doing it currently Do you have a meaning to your life?
  6. I think it's broken can anyone fix it?
  7. # 33 : PERSONA 4 GOLDEN Golden Completed Earn all trophies This was the first game I ever got for the vita 6 years ago. Funny story about how I discovered it, I used to play Blazblue a lot and I knew Arc Sys made another fighting game and I wanted to play it. I bought this thinking that it was Persona 4 Arena. I was pretty pissed because I never really liked/played RPGS unless it was Pokemon. But, I just sucked it up and played through the game and fell in love with it and it became one of my favorite games of all time. It also ignited my love for JRPGS and introduced me to many great games. Even though Persona 3 is my favorite game of all time and in the series Persona 4 Golden still holds a specially place in my heart.
  8. 40-platinum.png # 33 : Persona 4 Golden



  9. New Girl She's coming soon Leveled Takao to 110!
  10. Before she was an edgelord. hahahahahaaha
  11. Beat Persona 4 Golden last night, the game was as good as I remember, Marie is still the worst/trashy fun character ever in my eyes. I'm at over 70% completion I should be getting the plat soon.

  12. This new music is pretty cool, I hope they have stuff like this more often
  13. Oozing with style once again. The new girl looks pretty cool. I'm glad there's team attacks now, I missed them a lot. Edit : Did yall see Makoto with that ORA ORA ORA!!! Is this a human Morgana? 🤔